Fortress Of Solitude

Not the Arctic or any of the other random places that the ole Superman hangs out, but my kitchen. I kinda really enjoy cooking. We were just talking about my dream kitchen today, all full of nifty appliances and islands and convection ovens and dual ovens and blast chillers and OMG I want Kitchen Stadium in my house! I have a Pinterest account that I hardly ever use. Perhaps I shall start making my fantasy kitchen there.

Not long ago, I told a recently engaged friend that I would make her some baked goods. I really couldn’t decide on what to make and then I realized that I didn’t necessarily have to pick only one thing. So I made one thing today and I’ll make something else next week. The list of desserts I have bookmarked is, if not downright impressive, downright piggish. I do love to bake, but I can’t do it all the time or else we would have to work out considerably more than we do.

On that working out thing, we’re hitting the mountain again tomorrow. Keystone over Breck! Although we got some first runs on some groomers, we found that we like it better once it’s gotten cut up a bit. So, first run powder yes. First run groomers not so much. We’ll likely end up on those again tomorrow, but hey, I’m being a picky diva wench.

You know, I was going to write some more here, but I think I’m gonna go do some other stuff instead. Yeah, other stuff. Nighty night.

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