Brain Freeze!

No, I didn’t eat my ice cream too fast, nor did I drink my daquiri too fast. No, dear reader, today, whilst out on the mountain, I unwittingly inhaled really hard to clear the snowboarding snot (how ladylike, right?) and I had my gloved hand up against my nose. Said glove had snow on it which I inhaled with zeal, much like I imagine a cokehead would inhale that first/second/however many line. Let me tell you that this takes brain freeze to a whole new level. Kinda like an even sharper ice pick to the brain. Ouch.

It was a gorgeous bluebird day out there today.DCIM100GOPRO

A 38 year old, a 40 year old, and a 41 year old walk onto Peak 7. They ride all day, skipping going to the top of Peak 6, hitting Peak 8 and Peak 9 also. 8 hours later, they’re lying around the house wondering if anyone got the license plate of the truck that hit them all. There are sore bums, knees, hips, shoulders, and pretty much everything else going on in this house. Thank goodness we decided to take tomorrow off to lay around and watch football, but we’re going back on Monday. Yes, we’re insane. Or at least two of the three of us are.

I thought that driving up and riding and coming back on the same day would really suck. It’s actually not that bad. I did have to switch out driving duties about 40 minutes away from the house, but my eyes really just wanted to close. I think it had something to do with concentrating on the road because as soon as we played Chinese Fire Drill, I was nice and awake. I’m weird like that though.

Now that I am horribly sore, I am once again considering going to get a massage. I would really be interested in hearing someone’s reviews of Massage Envy. It’s a chain of sorts so I automatically have shied away from it. Perhaps you could recommend someone? Here are my criteria:

  • Preferably a dude although I’ve had a few female massage therapists that have had really strong hands, dudes are just naturally stronger. Also, they tend to talk less. I don’t want to have a conversation; I want a massage. I’ll let you know if the pressure is too much.
  • On that pressure point (ha! see what I did there?!?!), like they said in Dodgeball, “Go Balls Deep!” The very last thing I want is a “massage” where you’re just running your hands over my arms/legs/back/etc. I’m pretty active. I have muscles that have been used and abused. Fascia like rocks. No smooth muscle fibers. Is there something deeper than deep tissue? I want that.

Two things. That’s it. Is that so much to ask? I don’t think so. Oh, can I keep it under $100 too? Not necessarily under $100 including the tip, but pre-tip, that would be nice. Yeah, so if you know someone, shoot me a line, would ya? While I’m waiting, I think I’m going to turn in. I still have to try to work out in the morning. Take care!

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