Weekend drinkend

In an evening that was a throwback to times when I used to party hard, we really had a good time Saturday night.

Location: Coconut Grove
Venue: Crazy Pianos
Time: 9pm……

So, yeah, it would’ve been 9pm had they not screwed up the reservation, but after a brief (one hour) wait, they did get it together and we were able to get our party on. Upon our arrival, Lovey dropped me off and went to park the car. I went inside to check on our non-existant reservation. While checking out the scene, one of the bouncers was hitting on me…hard. Like, I have bruises hard. But hey, who doesn’t need an ego boost every now and again? And he was hawt.

There’s me and Lovey. I’m a few beers in at that point. This is also why I typically hide from the camera, particularly when I’ve been drinking. One eye gets all droopy and I forget to suck in my tummy and I’m never happy with the results. BUT, even if it doesn’t look like it here, I looked DAMN HOT Saturday night.

That second photo was a little earlier in the evening where I’m still looking like I have complete control over everything, lol. Good times had by all.

I must thank The Negotiators for getting a nice piece of change lopped off the bill along with fantastic chocolate cake with ice cream and a big ole sparkler!

While we certainly had fun, I am starting to realize that I can’t party hard like I used to. I think that with every sip of water on Sunday, I rehydrated some dried up alcohol particles and got drunk all over again. Yikes!

Know what though? I’m sure I’ll forget by next year and do it all over again! 😀

Say What?