Afterhours at the 1230 – 8/29/07

When TV sneaks into daily life

Yesterday, I spoke to MommaShyner about general and random things as is the norm. She mentioned that she was going to the football game tonight as her neighbor was nice enough to pass over her tickets for the evening (she’s a season ticket holder; isn’t that nice of her?). Off the top of my head I didn’t know who was playing but MommaShyner felt that it was the Dolphins.

I know. It isn’t.

Later last night, I was relaying the story to Lovey including the Dolphins part. He knew that it wasn’t the Dolphins but wasn’t sure who it was. In a stroke of brilliance, I realized that it was the Colts and told Lovey so.

We discussed the importance of the game for the Jags and that it would likely be a good game. Lovey mentioned that maybe the Colts would start sitting players, though, in preparation for the playoffs. I agreed that it would be a good game and, following my moment of brilliance with a moment of sheer stupidity, I said:

Maybe she’ll get to see someone like Peyton Manning, maybe.

To which Lovey replied:


First, yes, just that quickly I forgot that we said that players might sit. Second, dammit Manning! You’re seeping into regular conversations in our house and we’re not even Colts fans!

Thanks for tuning in to your daily ramble featuring MiamiShyner.

Weekend drinkend

In an evening that was a throwback to times when I used to party hard, we really had a good time Saturday night.

Location: Coconut Grove
Venue: Crazy Pianos
Time: 9pm……

So, yeah, it would’ve been 9pm had they not screwed up the reservation, but after a brief (one hour) wait, they did get it together and we were able to get our party on. Upon our arrival, Lovey dropped me off and went to park the car. I went inside to check on our non-existant reservation. While checking out the scene, one of the bouncers was hitting on me…hard. Like, I have bruises hard. But hey, who doesn’t need an ego boost every now and again? And he was hawt.

There’s me and Lovey. I’m a few beers in at that point. This is also why I typically hide from the camera, particularly when I’ve been drinking. One eye gets all droopy and I forget to suck in my tummy and I’m never happy with the results. BUT, even if it doesn’t look like it here, I looked DAMN HOT Saturday night.

That second photo was a little earlier in the evening where I’m still looking like I have complete control over everything, lol. Good times had by all.

I must thank The Negotiators for getting a nice piece of change lopped off the bill along with fantastic chocolate cake with ice cream and a big ole sparkler!

While we certainly had fun, I am starting to realize that I can’t party hard like I used to. I think that with every sip of water on Sunday, I rehydrated some dried up alcohol particles and got drunk all over again. Yikes!

Know what though? I’m sure I’ll forget by next year and do it all over again! 😀

Running Away to Join the Circus

It’s something I’ve actually sorta kinda done, although not really on purpose.

I won’t bore you with those details of how it happened, that’s for another post, but let’s just say that I started off as a bartender and ended up, well, running away and joining the circus.

Have you ever done something one time and then been hooked on it and unable to get it out of your system? That’s how the circus got to me. It started off on the flying trapeze, then moved to single trapeze, swinging trapeze, Spanish web, and to a lesser degree, double trapeze. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to fly higher. I wanted to do it all. And I did and it was good.

Here’s a little secret: If you want to get in the best shape, possibly of your life, get yourself into some circus classes and take it seriously. It’ll take a while, but you will get ripped. There was a point in time where I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “This isn’t cute.” I was monstrous across the back.

Anywho, the time came when I just couldn’t bear to put my liver through another six months of the heavy bag AKA Club Med. There were some great memories and I met some great people, the memories to take, the people to keep in touch with, but the circus! How to take it along?

I found small outlets here and there to get my circus fix. It was never enough. (And it was hardly ever free) I kept at it nonetheless. Because that’s what happens when you have an addiction. Both my fiance (Lovey) and my daughter (Kiddo) have given the circus a go-round to some extent. Lovey can do without it; Kiddo loves it although not with my passion. What I really wanted was a way to incorporate family + circus so I can have all the circus I want without the guilt of being away from them.

Two weeks ago, I finally got my wish. In a random conversation, I mentioned that it would be pretty cool if Lovey and I could do double trapeze together. While I expected him to just nod it off, he agreed that it would be pretty neat but said that he was in no shape for it. I told him that I did the majority of the work in the act. But, But, BUT, the conversation got him motivated to get back in the gym! Hooray! And, And, AND, Kiddo is joining in the fun as well!

Now we have family workout/stretching time after work/school and I am well on my way to not running away to join the circus, but instead bringing the circus to me. 😀

While the cat’s away….

From my name, I’m sure that you can deduce that I live in the city of Miami. Like many other cities across the country, many, many homes are currently in foreclosure. It just so happens that the house next door to us is one of these homes.

Currently, the grass is growing up pretty high. It’s somewhat of a haven for mosquitoes. Granted, we have a 6 foot privacy fence, but those don’t deter critters. We haven’t made much of a stink about the maintenance of the house because, well, for the most part, we can’t see it. But, and there’s always a but, something happened to change our point of view.

Let’s rewind the clock about a week. Lovey* and I had just returned from vacation. Road weary from our 45 minute trip (yes, that’s sarcasm), we entered our abode with plans of putting things away and then resting. First stop, the kitchen to put away the remaining booze.

As I enter the kitchen, the first thing that I notice is that my package of bread is on the floor. Mind you, this isn’t a big loaf of bread, it’s a small package of round sandwich bread all healthy and stuff. And it’s on the floor. Which is not where I left it.

I picked up my bread and wondered why the heck it was on the floor. Lovey took the bag from me and deposited it in the garbage. On the way to the garbage can, however, he noticed that there were some holes in the bag. A mouse. Grrrr.

Now, let me say this. I run a clean house. Yes, it’s dusty occasionally and there may be a fur tumbleweed because the dog perpetually sheds, but overall, we’re clean and I have never seen a rodent in the house in the 4.5 years that I’ve been living there.

We don’t see our new “house guest” anywhere so we proceed to unpack. Not long goes by before Lovey hears some rustling behind the dryer and it is there we find the culprit. The bread bag chewer. The mouse turd dropper. And it’s a tiny little thing. But still, it is not welcome. So we set a mouse trap for the little bugger.

Turns out that it got in through the dryer vent and chewed through the hose! Determined little bastard. Apparently, someone disturbed its habitat next door so it came to see what else it could find. Well, my dear mouse, a mistake you have made.

Don’t go all PETA on me here. Lovey decided he would try to shoot the mouse with his BB gun. My only thought was ‘man, that thing is gonna EXPLODE!’ Fortunately, he missed and the mouse went back to hide. Woo! No cleaning up mouse guts!

A trip to Home Depot for a new dryer vent proved uneventful and we were fairly certain that the mouse had gone back outside, so the vent was installed, the trap was set, and we basically forgot about it. All of this happened on Saturday.

No sign of mousey on Sunday.

Monday morning, I was up early, getting my workout on downstairs. While I was letting the dog do her thing outside, I went to do my thing inside. I turned on the bathroom light and nearly shit myself as what to my wondering eyes did appear? A little brown mouse trying to get out of the toilet. Awwwww. FLUSH!

(Did you think I was gonna pull that thing out of the toilet?!?!)

One courtesy flush later, I was still a little scared to sit on the toilet. Who wants a wet angry mouse to bite their ass?

I think they can swim. I wonder where it ended up. Wherever it is, it has a great mouse story to tell its friends.