Year 37, aka 37.1

Well, then. It is time to begin the journey of year 37. I always have these grand plans, theories of how I can make myself better, and yet, never do they come to fruition. This year, no grand plans. Just a quest to try to write daily. As such, you may be subjected, dear reader, to some serious drivel. I cannot help myself. These daily posts will be titled 37.whatever day. Other posts will be named whatever they’re about. Makes sense, no?

It was a lovely day. Lots of phone calls and Facebook messages to let me know that I truly am loved. Lovey got me some beautiful flowers and a card (Hoops and YoYo, FTW!), oh yes, and a new laptop. It is still being built but oh, I do believe that it will be oh so pretty. It is with this new laptop that I hope to be inspired to write. Daily. I may even name her, my new writing buddy. I am accepting name suggestions. *evil Shatner*

So, as I begin year 37, my family all have their health, Lovey and I have jobs (that we actually like…go figure), we are sheltered in a sweet house, and we are ready to hunker down for the winter, keeping the budget belt tight for a little while, preparing for getting out and enjoying everything Colorado has to offer very soon. I don’t think I could ask for more. I mean, of course I’d love to win that $25K raffle on Christmas day, but otherwise, I’m in a good place.

Come along for the ride, and please, don’t hesitate to bust my chops if you see that I’m slacking. I’ll take it in stride and get my hands on the keyboard. I’ve some other things to talk about, but those shall go in a brand new post. Until then…

ROCO people!

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