Flying high again!

Ladies and gentlemen, MiamiShyner is hitting the skies tonight and will be flying high again.

That’s right, after a way too long hiatus, I’m heading back to the rig to fly tonight. I’m sure I’ll be just a smidge rusty but that doesn’t really matter since I’m not allowed (no one is unless you work there) to fly without the safety lines at this particular rig. Does it make a difference? OMG yes! I can only assume that it is equivalent to the difference in feeling with/without a condom for guys? Unless that’s just one big load of bull, lol. What do I know? I’ve been with the Lovey for nearly five years; we don’t need ’em.

This morning, I asked myself what would happen if I started just doing some stuff for me. Then I asked out loud on Facebook. The answers I received were: Happiness? Independence? Satisfaction? And you know what, those answers are right.

I’ve spent a lot of my time here in Miami worrying about doing for others or only doing the things that don’t upset others in the least. I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but it hasn’t gotten me where I want to be. I’m no more stretchy, I’ve no more circus skills, and I’m no closer to being a fitness instructor or a massage therapist. However, I AM a mere four months away from finishing a degree in IT. So, boo for me and congrats to me.

Starting here, starting now for the rest of the time I’m in Miami, I’m going to be selfish. I’m going to *gasp* put myself first. I’m going to take the time to read my three bookshelves of books. I’m going to take the time to blog and write in general. I’m going to fly, spin, twirl and do everything that I want to do (that doesn’t break the bank).

Join me as I chronicle my ascent into a new level of happiness. 🙂

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