Best (stuff I almost didn’t) Buy

Oh! Hello there. Remember me? Blog owner/neglector? Well, I’m back and I have an amusing story for you. Or at least it was amusing to me.

Let us begin.

In case you don’t know or don’t remember, I rock a 94 Honda Accord with on again-off again AC but pimped out 17s (I bought it used) and a nice factory sound system. Now, said sound system is comprised of AM/FM/CASSETTE! Ha, yes, you know those things that aren’t even made any more. Well, for the most part, this is just fine. My drive to work is only 30 minutes on a good day. The problem lies in the fact that the radio in Miami sucks. My. Ass. This can make for a loooooong drive.

Do you know where all of my music is? Yes, it’s on my phone. I would love nothing more than to hear some of my tunes or Pandora or hell, a podcast on how to speak Spanish, while I’m driving rather than the blah, blah, blah that falls out of the mouths of DJs. How does one go about getting this done?

I think one would start at the brand spanking new Best Buy that opened recently over on the beach. I had one of those old skool cassettes that you plug in and the other end is like a headphone jack for portable CD players. (Let me tell you that I feel like I’m 90 right now talking about this old technology.) Problem with said setup is that at some point, the wire got eaten and so it only plays out of the right speakers.

How am I to impress Miami Hood Rats with my sound system booming from only one side?!?!

As I walked into sparkly new Best Buy, I was greeted by a huge security dude. Hi there very large black man wearing yellow. I will NOT try to sneak anything out past you. I headed back to the section that I thought would hold my treasure. An associate watched me walking around. He actually followed me around for a couple minutes without saying anything. I was in my work clothes so I don’t think he thought I was tryin to steal anything.

I got to the point where I couldn’t find what I wanted and I was about to leave but the associate chose that moment to ask me if I needed help. Why yes, yes I do. Better late than never. I explained to him what I wanted and he told me that he was sure that they didn’t carry the item. He did, however, walk me around to show me a bunch of other things that I could use until he realized that my car is OLD and doesn’t have an auxillary jack. Dejected, I headed towards the door.

Enter security dude.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” he asked.
“Sure did not,” I replied.
“Well what is it that you need?”
“Something old skool for my old skool car.”
“Okay, what is it?”

At this point I told him what I needed then said that an associate helped me but the store didn’t carry it.

I. Am. NOT. Making. This. Up.

Security dude moved his magic camera joystick and then zoomed in and pointed to the screen and asked, “Is this what you need?”

Motherfucker! Sure as shit it was!

He pointed me in the right direction and I was able to bump music the whole way home. Security dude said to me that this was the reason that he should be on the floor. I totally agree. I don’t know anything about Best Buy’s hiring practices and such but I think that later today, wait, not today, today is Metallica, but tomorrow, I’m going over to that store to speak with a manager to let him/her know what a great job that security dude did. I won’t throw the associate under the bus since that’s rude, but let the big man get some commissions! He knows more than the people you have on the floor!

Gotta run, there are tunes to be played in the car. 🙂

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