Turkey Trot Countdown! T-24 days

Well, it is official. Today I registered for my first 5K. So, on the morning of Thanksgiving, when most of you will either still be sleeping or beginning to slave over the day’s dinner, I will be out putting in 3.1 miles on the road. It’s funny, 3 miles doesn’t really seem like a lot, but for someone who, for her entire life, has thought of running as the worst possible form of torture, this is truly an accomplishment! I have a Nike Mini to prove it!

It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks ago, I probably wouldn’t have run to the bathroom and just this morning, I put in 3 miles. I’m also starting a glucosamine/chondroitin regimen since my knees have seen better days and my Q-angle is just plain huge! I have no doubt that the right knee will need scoped before I turn 40. I’m currently just hoping to get it strong enough to make it through a week of snowboarding over Christmas.

I had been “dieting” for a couple months and no matter what I did, it just didn’t matter. I looked the same. I weighed the same. I started to wonder why I was bothering. Granted, I know that I’m just a SOLID young lady. I stand just under 5’2″ and I stay around 130 pounds, but that also includes a good 3 pounds of dredlocks and 2-3 pounds of boobs.

Running (or at least the process of working my way up to running) has given me the figure I always wanted but could just never achieve. No more muffin top and no more looking like I just finished off the whole turkey when I just had a sandwich. Yes, I’m super vain like that, even realizing that I’m just cute (‘cept to Lovey of course), but it’s been a long time of growing out hair, going to the dermatologist, and one time under the knife to get to this point where I can be happy.

Back to the Thanksgiving speak, we have an office shindig every year. This is year four for me. The first two years I made Gram’s kick ass mac and cheese and they tore it up! Last year I deviated a bit and made a three bean and sausage casserole. For a bunch of hispanic people, they were awfully shy about having some beans. No matter though, I kept a pot at home for me and the rest went to a shelter for the needy. All good.

This year, I’m making a huge ass pot of greens. I don’t care if I have to wipe out 3 grocery stores to get it done. Do you have any idea how delicious greens are? If you don’t, man are you missing out. But, this is also coming from a person who’s been eating them for nearly 30 years.

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, my blogs tend to ramble on and jump a bit, but that’s how my mind works. Be happy. If it worked in straight lines, I would’ve taken over the world by now!


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