Tuesday Things – 5/20/08

These things I love:

  • Family, blood and otherwise
  • Pole class and teacher compliments
  • The warm summer nights that are the only thing I will miss about Miami
  • All things circus
  • My friends scattered to the four corners
  • A really good orgasm
  • Moons over My Hammy
  • Tea
  • Yoga
  • Saturday nights
  • Live music
  • Black and Gold
  • New looks

These things I do not love:

  • An extra 15 pounds
  • Searching but not finding
  • Hiding
  • No talent
  • Lonliness
  • Seclusion
  • No flexibility
  • Standing on the outside looking in
  • Parking tickets
  • Not getting there
  • Bruised inner thighs
  • Cancer
  • No focus

These things I wish would arrive faster:

  • Camp
  • Vacation 1
  • Vacation 2
  • Graduation
  • Moving day


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11 responses to “Tuesday Things – 5/20/08”

  1. We haven't made a definite decision yet. It'll really depend on where we find a house that we love, but we do know that the top two areas right now are Salt Lake City, Utah and Gardnerville, Nevada.
    I Luuuuurve MOMH. It's just so gooey delicious. Of course, that's also one of the reasons I have the first thing I do not love.

  2. Salt Lake City is home to one of the best pole instructors I've seen, Nikki at Studio Soiree (the main page has a link to their videos. Nikki is the one picture on the link)(sorry for so many comments – I'm really bored this evening)

  3. I take classes at Pole Fitness Studio here in Miami. (We haven't moved just yet.) But glad to know that there's a place out in SLC!
    Oh, trapeze, I didn't just take a class, I used to teach it. 🙂

  4. Would you love it? More than likely. If you want to do the flying trapeze, then you should be fine as long as you are not afraid of heights and you listen to what the instructors are telling you. If you don't listen, it doesn't matter how much you weigh, you can injure the people working there.
    If it's static/single trapeze, then it will depend on your own strength. For a beginner, again, listening is key but having some core and upper body strength never hurts. Flexibility is a good thing too. I have none of that, I power through everything. Gets it done but it isn't pretty.
    There are videos in my library of both single and flying trapeze. Not really examples of what you'd be doing first time out, lol, but at least you can see the difference. Single is single and FFO is flying. 🙂

  5. I didn't see a vid for "single" (just making sure I'm not being blind). Flying looks FUUUUUUN.I'm pretty flexible & very good with following direction. Not so sure on the strength issues. But also not afraid of heights or falling – so that's good.

  6. II do hope you post some of your videos to the Circus Arts group! You have so much to contribute. Make use of this what I hope is a little "family" for you.
    See you on the lot,

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