ROCO Friday – More Cowbell!

Word 'em up to the ROCO congregation!

We have reached the pinnacle (that means I reign supreme, I'm notorious I'll crush you like a jellybean.  I'm bad.) of the week.  The day that signifies the end of work and the beginning of alcohol.  Yes, my people, it is Friday.

First and foremost, because I care about my flock, please be careful if you are hitting the roadways this weekend.  Don't drink and drive or do anything else that might cause you to not get to ROCO church next Friday.  We want to grow the congregation, not thin it out.

Now, more cowbell!  This ROCO Friday, let us celebrate, rather than let it grate on our nerves, that little sound in the background that is always there but we usually ignore.  Bring it to the front like a prominent shape in Photoshop (or Visio, the devil's work).  Ring it loud and ring it proud!

Reverend Miami Shyner would like to take a moment to send thoughts and prayers to our brave men and women of the military.  To those who gave their lives in honor of our country so that we (the general we) can live in this, the land of freedom, of choices, of opportunity.  I salute you. 

Long weekend. Hooooooooooooooo! ROCO!

I hope that you all have plans for an awesome holiday weekend.  Just remember that anything worth doing is worth doing ROCO-Style.  The 1230 Congregation plans the typical Saturday night at a new bar this week though and then a trip to Key Largo on Monday with the Trav's.

I hope that more cowbell is stuck in your head for the entire day.  I hope that I win the lottery tomorrow.  I hope I come up with an idea that'll make me a millionaire.  I hope that you're still reading this.  And if you are, and you go to a BBQ over this weekend, I hope you remember this:


Big ups to Natalie Dee for the toonage.

Have a great weekend all!  ROCO!!

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3 thoughts on “ROCO Friday – More Cowbell!

  1. Hi MiamiShyner,
    Please, tell me, what is ROCO? And, are you really a Rev. If so, you have many in the circus family who need you.
    Your new banner and the "just vids" are wonderful.
    May you be blessed in all.

  2. Oh dear, definition for ROCO is here. Which will lead you to I am NOT a Rev. Please see previous posts tagged ROCO to understand the whole thing.
    Thanks and thanks.

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