Fridaylutions, bling bling

This past week was basically an epic FAIL all around.  I fell behind in my schoolwork and when I got it done, it was a half-assed job and my grades reflected it.  Went to the gym a total of ZERO times.  Ugh.  But hey, there's no need to dwell on the past and my failures.

Today is payday!!  Huzzah!  And my income tax check was supposed to be deposited today too, but I think that my bank gets confused if more than one deposit comes in at the same time.  I'm sure they'll get it in there before the weekend is over.  They got Lovey's done and he filed days after me.

I was feeling good this morning, taking photos as I drive.  Again.  I know.  I shouldn't.  But I actually like this one which is why I'm sharing it with you, my lovely neighborhood.  I'm so happy that my hair is finally getting long.  It's been a good six years that I've been growing it out, no cuts, no chemicals.  It grows ultra-slowly.

Btw, ROCO Friday!

On with the list for this week:

  • A minimum of 5 mornings in the gym.  No excuses that they took away some of the early morning classes that I really liked.  30 minutes of cardio and however long it takes to do weights.  Come on circus chick!
  • You are dehydrated!  Drink more water!  And while you're at it, eat more healthy stuff.  You are not on vacation any longer.
  • Put some serious effort into this networking class.  It isn't going to go away (for another 3.5 weeks) so suck it up.
  • Watch IT Guys!  I need more time in a day.
  • You have an office (of sorts), use it!  You'll concentrate better in there.
  • Please, please, please, grab one of the many books off of the bookshelf and try to learn something.  Joomla got shelved until someone buys some web hosting so get to work on something else!  Let's go with PHP.

Okay boys and girls.  I've gotta get rockin on some stuff.  Have a great Friday and an even greater weekend!



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ROCO Friday – More Cowbell!

Word 'em up to the ROCO congregation!

We have reached the pinnacle (that means I reign supreme, I'm notorious I'll crush you like a jellybean.  I'm bad.) of the week.  The day that signifies the end of work and the beginning of alcohol.  Yes, my people, it is Friday.

First and foremost, because I care about my flock, please be careful if you are hitting the roadways this weekend.  Don't drink and drive or do anything else that might cause you to not get to ROCO church next Friday.  We want to grow the congregation, not thin it out.

Now, more cowbell!  This ROCO Friday, let us celebrate, rather than let it grate on our nerves, that little sound in the background that is always there but we usually ignore.  Bring it to the front like a prominent shape in Photoshop (or Visio, the devil's work).  Ring it loud and ring it proud!

Reverend Miami Shyner would like to take a moment to send thoughts and prayers to our brave men and women of the military.  To those who gave their lives in honor of our country so that we (the general we) can live in this, the land of freedom, of choices, of opportunity.  I salute you. 

Long weekend. Hooooooooooooooo! ROCO!

I hope that you all have plans for an awesome holiday weekend.  Just remember that anything worth doing is worth doing ROCO-Style.  The 1230 Congregation plans the typical Saturday night at a new bar this week though and then a trip to Key Largo on Monday with the Trav's.

I hope that more cowbell is stuck in your head for the entire day.  I hope that I win the lottery tomorrow.  I hope I come up with an idea that'll make me a millionaire.  I hope that you're still reading this.  And if you are, and you go to a BBQ over this weekend, I hope you remember this:


Big ups to Natalie Dee for the toonage.

Have a great weekend all!  ROCO!!

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ROCO Friday – What’s the 411?

(What's a 411 edition without a little Mary J?)

<insert a low, almost rumbling, soulful humming, southern baptist church style here>

Good people of the ROCO congregation:

We have come here today to celebrate the day that is ROCO Friday.  A day that is looked upon as the best day of the week.  A day that knows no black or white.  A day that is equal opportunity for everyone!  Let the congregation say ROCO!


We have traversed the trials and tribulations of another week and are able to hold our heads up high! (Until we go drinking tomorrow night and hang our heads down low, most likely praying to the porcelain god.)  We have held our ground against the evil known as Corporate America for yet another five days.  Let the congregation say ROCO!

We know, in our hearts and souls, that executives don't know more than us.  We know, in those same hearts and souls, that businesses would collapse without us.  We know, that no matter how much time we spend surfing the net or posting on Vox, that we still can't leave early in case someone needs us.  We know, that when the clock strikes 5 (or 4:30 in my case), the weekend has BEGUN!  Let the congregation say ROCO!


Let the congregation rejoice in the concept of a tightly coiled resignation letter that has more personality that your boss. (Griffin, Brian. 2006) 

<humming is reaching a crescendo>

Now, let the congregation go forth and have the most ROCO Friday ever!  Spread your ROCO love and slap someone with it!  Let the congregation say:


<fried chicken and greens in the downstairs kitchen>

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More info than you want (or need) – ROCO FRIDAY!

I finally got on over to my lady doctor (not my doctor who's a lady – which I have one of those too) and told him about my current issues.  Night sweats, no lovin', no poopin', rough cycles.  I told you it was more info than you wanted.  Anyways, he said that it could be caused by my current method of BC or maybe I have a thyroid issue.  So he says to quit the BC for a couple months and use condoms and see how I feel and that he'd do some bloodwork to see if it's the ole thyroid acting up.

I have two issues with this.  One, use a condom?!?!  Bwahaha, it's been Lovey and I and only Lovey and I for the last almost three years.  I would blow my budget on condoms why?  Besides, I don't like them and I'm slightly allergic.  Two, VAMPIRES!!!  I really hate needles and it's an ordeal every time they come around.  For some reason, the nurse can never find the vein on the first try.  NEVER.  I've gotten to the point that I tell them up front: butterfly me on the top of the hand and get it over with.  I apparently have very small veins and they hide under some fairly dark skin.

So, long story short, the vampire gets me.  First shot although she moves the needle around in my arm and I really don't like that, it makes me naseous.  She says that my veins roll.  I told her it's because they see the needle coming and run like hell.

As it turns out, my samples got contaminated so I have to go back for another test.  So I don't have to go back to the office, they mailed me my "prescription".  I like to know what's being done so I check it out.  There are things that I recognize like CBC and the one for the thyroid test.  I understand the testosterone one too.  After all, I said no lovin'.  But then there were some that I had never seen before and I had full blood workup over the summer and looked all that stuff up too.  Google to the rescue!

Turns out that he's doing some tests to see if I'm perimenopausal.  Yeah, I said it before, but I didn't mention it to him.  And likewise, he didn't mention to me that he was gonna test for that.  So, I'm a little miffed but at the same time glad that I may finally find out why I lose all the water I drink all day in sweat at night.  Anywho, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's Friday, bitches!  ROCO!

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