More info than you want (or need) – ROCO FRIDAY!

I finally got on over to my lady doctor (not my doctor who's a lady – which I have one of those too) and told him about my current issues.  Night sweats, no lovin', no poopin', rough cycles.  I told you it was more info than you wanted.  Anyways, he said that it could be caused by my current method of BC or maybe I have a thyroid issue.  So he says to quit the BC for a couple months and use condoms and see how I feel and that he'd do some bloodwork to see if it's the ole thyroid acting up.

I have two issues with this.  One, use a condom?!?!  Bwahaha, it's been Lovey and I and only Lovey and I for the last almost three years.  I would blow my budget on condoms why?  Besides, I don't like them and I'm slightly allergic.  Two, VAMPIRES!!!  I really hate needles and it's an ordeal every time they come around.  For some reason, the nurse can never find the vein on the first try.  NEVER.  I've gotten to the point that I tell them up front: butterfly me on the top of the hand and get it over with.  I apparently have very small veins and they hide under some fairly dark skin.

So, long story short, the vampire gets me.  First shot although she moves the needle around in my arm and I really don't like that, it makes me naseous.  She says that my veins roll.  I told her it's because they see the needle coming and run like hell.

As it turns out, my samples got contaminated so I have to go back for another test.  So I don't have to go back to the office, they mailed me my "prescription".  I like to know what's being done so I check it out.  There are things that I recognize like CBC and the one for the thyroid test.  I understand the testosterone one too.  After all, I said no lovin'.  But then there were some that I had never seen before and I had full blood workup over the summer and looked all that stuff up too.  Google to the rescue!

Turns out that he's doing some tests to see if I'm perimenopausal.  Yeah, I said it before, but I didn't mention it to him.  And likewise, he didn't mention to me that he was gonna test for that.  So, I'm a little miffed but at the same time glad that I may finally find out why I lose all the water I drink all day in sweat at night.  Anywho, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's Friday, bitches!  ROCO!

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