Life: You must be this tall to ride.

Some days are spent in an eternal click-clacking climb up the first hill.  Some days are a hands-up, no seat belt freefall down the biggest slope on the ride.

Things have been so random lately.  Not necessarily random bad, just random.

School started.  Lovey's teacher is normal.  Mine is, well, not.  I feel bad for people in the class who weren't able to attend the live chat because if they just go by what the assignment says, they'll be lucky to sqeak by with a C.  She wants so much more than it says.  I'll just be fortunate that I was able to attend.

Kiddo's bus driver got lost yesterday.  They apparently have a problem hiring and keeping drivers.  The driver got mad at the kids for, I guess being kids, and called the cops.  Kiddo watched two of her FEMALE friends (no more than 14 years old, good students, good kids in general) get HANDCUFFED and put in the police car and driven away.  Is it just me or is this ridiculous?  Those were city cops, by the way.  A "school police" officer was there also.  He was still there when I arrived at 5:20 when Kiddo is usually at home no later than 4:45.  I politely asked him what I needed to do to get my child out of this situation.  His brilliant response complete with stupid facial expression? "Uh, tell her to get off the bus."  Thank you!  My tax dollars hard at work.  By the way, school lets out at 3:40 so nearly two hours of drama and trauma.

Things are not all bad.  I still have a job, albeit one that I do not love.  I cannot even go into what transpired today alone to make me feel this way, but suffice it to say that I have to deal with things that are ridiculous.

I still got paid last Friday.  I will still (hopefully) receive a bonus this Friday.  I will still receive my tax-free loan repayment from Uncle Sam before the middle of next week.

My mother called me and in her random way tells me the story of how her husband's great-grandfather used to be the president of the country he is from (not this one, lol).  He had land that the government seized and built a rather large facility on.  There seems to be some sort of settlement for the family to the tune of a large chunk of change.  I don't know why she is telling me this.  I refuse to get my hopes up that I will finally "hit the lottery" and be relieved of working because I have to and be allowed to work if, when, and where I want to.

The Florida lottery is up to 20 million dollars.  Yes, I will blow 10 dollars that could be used for better good and buy tickets.

(Sorry guys) I have an appointment with my GYN today.  I'm hoping he can explain a few things like why my last few periods have been excrutiating when I've never had a problem with them before, why I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat when the air is at 64 and I'm naked, and why I have a declining drive.  Perimenopause anyone?  Wonderful, no?  I'm only 34 dammit.

Speaking of getting old, I was listening to Sirius and they were playing Sweet Child O' Mine (Gunners).  I looked at the station and it was Classic Rewind.  CLASSIC REWIND!  After I was insulted, I realized that the song is nearly 20 years old.  How's that for a slap in the face?

Still, with all this, I love my life.  I love that I have family who cares.  My extended family cares (Lovey's family).  I love that my brother is all kinds of wacky but he's true to himself and to BMX racing.  I love that I have a job that pays me a stupid amount of money even though I put up with some dumb shit.  I love that I have the opportunity to go back to school and get a degree in something that actually interests me.  I love that our family trio has our health.  I love that we have a roof over our heads, even if it's in a city that I can't stand.

I love that you will listen to this and not tell me how silly I am.

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  1. 2 kids got taken away? i mean, what could they possibly have been doing to make the bus driver lose it like that? jeez. that's weird…i hate it when i'm listening to a song i love and it's during flashback lunch or something. ugh.good luck with the lottery! hehe.

  2. The only thing I can possibly say is "Welcome to Miami."
    I guess I don't feel old (except when I twist my right knee a bit) and I know I don't look it so I forget that the good tunes are from that long ago. 🙂
    I'll send you a present if I win!

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