Feeling Good On A Wednesday

Lookie here. I started this post at like 9 this morning and here it is 4 in the afternoon and I’m just getting to it. And do you know why? Because WORK! And this time, that is not a complaint.

I’m on day 8 of this gig and the training wheels are pretty much off. They love that I pick up stuff quickly (Me saying that I did was probably one of the reasons that they made me an offer in the first place. Me getting in there and doing it is somehow still blowing them away.) and am willing to just jump in and try to work out what I don’t already know. But yeah, feeling good on a Wednesday, right Randy? Ya ya ya.

So, Friday is the first of the month and the beginning of another year of NaNoWriMo. I’ve been aware of this for probably at least ten years now. I think I’ve started it maybe three times and never done more than maybe 1,000 words. Not this year, baby! This is my year. As much as I hate, and have hated creating an outline for any writing project since all the way back of the days of Mrs. Cocciolone (Mrs. C, if you’re reading this by some odd chance, thank you for just being you and encouraging me to be me. Also, sorry for the swearing, lol.). This is why the grand majority of my writing is stream of consciousness and sometimes doesn’t make sense. I mean, have you been inside my head? Of course not, you’d probably walk away once you were out and never turn back. It’s a maze in there, folks. Also amazing, but a maze too. 50,000 words is the goal through the month of November. I’m going to try not to be all, edit, re-edit, that doesn’t sound right, oh fuck all this noise. I promised myself I would do this one. I have a title. I even have cover art ready to go in my head for which I would gladly commission an artist to put on paper. Do I think it’s gonna be all best seller? Like I’m gonna be the black, female Stephen King of funny? Nope. But it’s gonna be good.

Know what else? I’m exercising and I’m stretching and I’m dancing and I’m gonna perform in December. Song selected. Possible outfit selected. Although I have to actually get it and try it on and make sure that there will be no costume malfunctions. I mean, I won’t get banned like Janet, but still. And who can tell me this doesn’t match perfectly for a country-type song and that I won’t be the cutest mf-er around in this? *cue the Keith Sweat* NOBODY!

Country cute

Well, friends, I gotta scoot. If you see me all goofing around come mid-November, please feel free to ask me how the book is coming along or how my choreography is coming along. I need a kick in the pants as much as the next person. Til then, peace, love, and hair grease.

New Week, New Posts, & Some Realizations

Where does the time go?? I just recently asked how I could get five more hours in between about 5 and 10pm. Wouldn’t you enjoy that? More time to work out, more time to stretch, more time to pole dance? Of course you want that! Make it happen, science!

Last week was a blur. A lazy blur. But, I’m back on the wagon. Getting those workouts in (using Fitocracy..it’s like dog shaming but with exercise), trying to write (see? Here I am!), and just generally being a cooler me. In order to be that cooler me, I have to realize and accept that waiting until Sunday to do things is the same as saying, eff it, I’m not gonna do it. I could be queen of the procrastination club if I could make it to meetings…maybe next week.

Remember Second Saturdays? Where I go get a massage? A deep tissue massage? I did at least do that. I have a lovely bruise on my ass to show for it. Hopefully, as I continue to stretch, things will continue to loosen up and I won’t be putting myself through this torture of trying to break up 5 year old scar tissue for nothing. My desire for deep tissue massage, oddly enough, goes along with why I shouldn’t partner stretch. In partner stretching, I’ll just do my best to keep relaxing into whatever stretch my partner is pushing me into (except splits) which ultimately leads to me over-stretching and not being able to walk for a couple days. Massage is the same. The masseuse is in there just digging away with her elbows and I just do my best to breathe through it. She’s the first person who has even come close to making me want to wave the white flag. Did I let her go too far? Possibly. I think she might have moved a rib, but that’s why I have a chiropractor. After she was done and we were chatting, she told me that she was starting to wonder if I was still alive because most people would have been crying out in pain when she was as deep as she was.  Yeah, well. I’m tough. Or stupid. Take your pick.

I have another post coming shortly after this one all about pole, hooray!  You’ll need to be familiar with Star Trek and the Borg, so get on over to Wikipedia and start studying so you’re not left out!

Speaking of pole, someone needs to get on the ball. A mere 3.5 weeks until the showcase and I’ve knocked out a staggering 30 seconds of my personal routine. And I still have another 90 seconds of the group routine to choreograph. I must be crazy. Yep, that’s a definite. I think the rest of this week will just fly on by in its usual inconsiderate way. And speaking of which still, I’m out of time. Grrrr.  Have a great day!!

Sleep, I Knew Thee Well

For oh so long, I’ve been fortunate enough to put my head on the pillow, close my eyes, and really call it a night – see you tomorrow. It appears that my days of good fortune have come to an end, temporarily I hope. I believe this is now day four without a good night’s sleep. I realize that many folks deal with this on a daily basis, and, right now, I am feeling for all of you.

Not sure what little switch got clicked in my brain, but whomever turned it on needs to take his/her happy ass right back in there to switch it back. This is something I might understand if I were overly concerned about something, anything, at the moment, but I’m not. Mentally exhausted after work some days? Sure. That shouldn’t keep me from knocking out at night.

It’s a vicious circle that has a couple more points to keep it round. Goes kinda like this:

  • 10 pm – Lay it down and try to start relaxing
  • 11 pm – Toss, turn, turn, toss
  • 1 am – Up to pee
  • 3 am – Up to pee. Wonder what time it is. Look at clock. Sigh deeply
  • 3:35 am – It must be time to get up now. Look at clock. Sigh deeply
  • 4:15 am – I must have been asleep for 2 hours. Look at clock. Sigh deeply
  • 5 am – Damn, you’re here already/how could it have taken you so long to get here
  • 5:15 am – Let’s work out
  • 7:30 am – Start work
  • 8 am – Coffee #1
  • 9 am – Probably coffee #2
  • 10 am – Hit the wall (considering adding a ripper here to get through the day)
  • 11 am – Brain function at an all-time low leaving me frustrated about my work and ridiculously tired
  • 1 pm – LUNCH!
  • 3 pm – Dragging ass
  • 4:30 pm – Brave traffic to get home
  • 5:30 pm – I want to do things here (trapeze, pole, something, anything) but I’m too damn tired

Hubby’s theory is that I’m not eating enough to do all I try to do. He could be correct, but oddly enough, I hope not because I don’t know if I could honestly shove any more food down my gullet in a day. I take a daily multi-vitamin (semi-daily…I forget sometimes) so it shouldn’t be the usual iron deficiency that I tend to have. It’s gotta be the sleep. Ack! What do you do when your old friend sleep has turned his back on you and thrown you under the bus?!?! Tonight, I’ll be trying some melatonin. Hopefully I won’t have to progress past that.

In other (pole) news, the spring showcase at Boulder Spirals is creeping up on me. For my preparation timeline for a performance, I’m right on schedule having chosen my song with a mere 17 days till showtime. I’m shooting for sexy this time. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also mentally sitting on two other pole pieces that I want to put together: one with a friend from high school and one to rep one of my greatest loves ever. That’s all I am going to say about them at the moment, though, because I think that a million people read this blog (HAHAHAHA) and I want to make sure that I don’t give away my ideas so people can get to them before me. So, Cheryl, I didn’t forget about you! 🙂

Have a great day, folks. The time has come for me to pack up a lunch full of food that will hopefully keep me awake today. 🙂

Things on Tuesday – Bringing It Back

Sometimes, I know that I should write even if it’s only a little bit. Luckily, when I thought that today, I remembered Things on Tuesday. A blog – in bulletpoints.


  • I am really sore. My glutes are screaming in pain and the foam roller is probably just aggravating them. But of course, I won’t stop rolling. I’m running this show, muscles. You’re going to do what I want.
  • That’s it.


  • I’m into week 2 of the Foundation section of P90X2. I’m feeling good about it. I still hate Plyocide.
  • My body seems to remember actually being in shape and I’m toning up fairly quickly. I’m getting that wide shoulder, small waist triangle. Didn’t love it before, more okay with it now since the boobs balance it out.
  • Absolutely LOVED my mixed levels class last night. So many of the fun folks that I see all the time but don’t always get to take class with, let alone teach. Good times!
  • Crazy busy fun weekend! Brewfest, photo shoot, showcase, afterparty, please don’t do anything but rest your body on Sunday!
  • Choreography for said showcase is moving right along. Should be since I have a mere five days until performing with many things between now and then.

That’s it.

Short one today. Much to do with little time to do it! Have a kickass day!