Time of the Busy Bee

I’m not a big planner of things to do. I mean small things to do. I’m a big planner about this move. It could be just about 10 weeks until go time. That sounds really short. Right now, it feels really long. It isn’t that I’m in a hurry to move, but I know what needs to get done and I want to be able to move forward with it. Sitting on my hands has never been my strong suit. Sitting on yours could be another story. Ha!

Not being a big planner, it was odd for yesterday, today, tomorrow and Saturday to all have something to do. Neat! I’m busy! I have a grown-up life. I’m going places and seeing people. And on Sunday, I will hide in my hidey hole because it will have all been too much, lol. But I will have gotten the job done. I go to work. Baby.

In a complete change of topic, I bought this foot exfoliating mask and it arrived today. I’ll be able to tell you in a week how it worked on my crusty ass feet. Spring is almost here and these feet are not ready! It’s supposed to smell like lavender. That is not what I associate this smell with. To me, it kinda smells like a relaxer. Hell, if that’s what’s in there, no wonder the top layer of skin is supposed to peel off your feet. Only modern technology could have it not leave third degree burns all over your feet. (Yeah, I’ve burnt myself once or twice back in the hair straightening days. Begone, chemicals! Live free, nappy ass dreds!)

Sidebar: Did you ever just sit back and watch someone be so lazy that they just hope something will magically resolve itself? It’s frustrating. Trust me.

N.E.(Heartbreak) Who.  There are images elsewhere, but I’m on this journey to get my freaking split by the time I hit my birthday. I’ve been on and off again with trying this for a while, but this time, I’m totally cereal, you guys. Now, I don’t really think that the leg exercises that are happening damn near on a daily basis are helping me out, but strong legs are always gonna be more important to me than a flat split. Cuz, let’s be honest, I’m never gonna be that graceful swan. I’m more like a mottled duck – bigger, not as fast, but I’ll still come after your ass if you piss me off. (One chased me when I was in Florida. I didn’t even do anything to it. Dick.)

In other goals, also documented elsewhere, ten pullups. Back in the day, the Club Med day, I could bust out ten no problem. Throw in some 1-2-3s for good measure. Not so much any more. But, I’m getting in my time machine every freaking morning. Well, 6 out of 7 mornings. And every day I get a little bit closer to being back at that day where I can do ten. I’m 70% there. And now that I’ve mentioned 1-2-3s, I need to add those in to the rotation. Those would help with presses. And that’s all hoping that my guts don’t explode, lol. Poor abs.

For the three or so of you reading this, do you prefer the writing style where it feels more like I’m talking to you or more when I’m kinda just thinking out loud? Just curious. Same tree, different branch, I’m trying to get these writing juices flowing. Ideas to continue this one story I want to work on like to show up in the shower. Probably why I spend too much time in there and my feet look so terrible, lol.

Ok, I’m done. No need to stretch it. I’ll be back tomorrow, or when I have something to blather on about. Later!

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