30 Days in the Hole

Well, it was 30 days when I had this idea in the shower. Now it’s 28, but the sentiment remains. 28 days of putting on this smile, biting my tongue, and then walking away unscathed. Yep, an official end of work date has been reached. When people ask me if I’m excited to move, I usually say no, I’m not. Because I’m not. I don’t mind it because I’m a gypsy and we’ve been here for 8 years so it’s about that time on that internal clock. But at the same time, I just want to skip over the packing the house, driving across the country, unpacking the house part. Can’t we just be there and be settled? Ok, ok, I know we can’t.

This is the third time I’ve packed up the house now and there will be at least one more time. One of the positives to this (the only one, really), is that I REALLY know what all we have. It used to be a lot of junk, but things keep going away. Outside of photos and mementos, if I haven’t touched it since we’ve been in Colorado, I probably don’t need it. A nice chunk of stuff got recycled today, as a matter of fact.

By the way, is it super weird that I have EVERY card that hubby and I have given each other over the course of our almost 13 years? Weird or not, it’s true.

The packing is in full effect now. It’s weird that I feel like I keep packing things but everything looks the same like I haven’t put anything away. I have to have done something though, or at least that’s what the 20 boxes in the basement say. All of the Christmas stuff is packed up and secure (side note, new place is big enough to put up the tree and the village should I happen to get the Christmas bug up my ass…and I probably will because I think that Chloe would dig seeing the village) and that was an effort in and of itself. I know it’s May, but we haven’t packed up the snowboarding stuff yet. I mean, A Basin is still open and maybe I should see it before we leave? If my hips can take it. If not, that’s an easy pack. It’s already been discussed and we know what goes where.

I am once again noticing the glut of kitchen appliances that we have for mostly no reason. If we don’t have five different ways to make coffe, we don’t have one. How many sandwich makers?!?! Ooooh but bread! There, I’m excited to use the bread maker at sea level because it’s been a fucking disaster every time we’ve tried at altitude. Crock pots and roasting pans, waffle makers and three(!) hand mixers. WHY?!?! I need to offload some stuff, but it’s already packed now. Looks like I’ll try to find a place over there to donate them.

You know what’s exciting? A new bedroom set. Yeah, that. That, I am excited about. And new living room furniture. That one isn’t just yet, maybe not for another year, but it’s on the horizon baby! Also exciting is not dragging that heavy ass shit back across the country. No movers, just us this time. And I bet it goes a hell of a lot more smoothly.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to try to keep this updated throughout the move process. All the way over to Florida. Maybe even some vlogs, who knows. But until then, I gotta go do some work. 😉

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