Towards The End


Yep, that’s my theme song for the next 18 days. Ahhh, push it. Push into those splits! Push that food down (stupid broken hungry button), push, push, push ups. But, on the up side, I’m taking these 18 days (plus another couple) to try to start some good habits. One of these is meditation. My mind is constantly racing and I think that slowing it down could be a good thing…before I burn it out. Being still has always been a tough obstacle for me, but calming and clearing the mind is exactly what I need to focus on the tasks ahead.

Meditation, the way I’m doing/learning it anyway, is a mere ten minutes out of my day. That makes it a whole lot easier to get to than the yin yoga I’m trying to do before bed as that’s an hour. Sometimes the absolute hardest thing for me is to make time to do things. The worst part of that is that, more often than not, it’s a question of just getting up and doing it because I’m not busy at that time of the evening. I’m just lazy. But, 21 days to habit and all that jazz.

Quite some time ago, I tried to plan out how I wanted to go about this competition preparation. I gave myself about four weeks to figure out choreography and the last 2 weeks before the show to rehearse. Oddly enough, I’m slightly ahead of schedule with 18 days to go.  My choreography is done outside of some tweaks here and there. Or at least, it’s done in my head. Transferring it to my body could be an entirely different story, but one that I hope has a happy ending. Nothing super tough as I’m going for clean performance over sloppy with harder tricks. Stamina will be the most difficult part, as it always is. I have a terrible habit of performing on pure adrenaline even though it usually works out.

I have to take a moment here to wonder, where the heck did the year go?!?! Yesterday was the “unofficial” end of summer. The day before that we were out buying gear to get ready for snowboarding. Picked up a sexy jacket.

So, yeah, we’re ready for the mountains and all the snow that comes with it. Ok, maybe I’m not ready for the snowy driving because it stresses me to no end, but I’m ready to hit the slalom course already. Maybe a couple of jumps too. Maybe even some time tumbling at Progresh because I love that place and they have the most awesome dude, possibly ever, teaching their tumbling these days and I do love to think I can tumble. (I can’t, lol.)

I suppose that, most importantly, the time is nearly upon me to begin my training for some semblance of freedom. While the five year plan is to move to Mexico, I could be coerced into living in Florida, but only in the Keys, if I can manage to make the ‘work remotely from anywhere’ concept work for me. The road to freedom is long and kinda pricey, but if that there pot of gold is at the end of the road, it’ll all be worth it.

Ok, enough of the blathering for the day. Go do something!

Say What?