Happy Throwback Thursday, boys and girls!

I may have talked about this before, but let’s take it back, shall we? It’s 1988 or so and back in the day we had this craptastic little night club that had an under 21 night. Phase III, what what? So every Sunday it was time to bug my parents to try to get them to let me go and also be involved in the pickup or drop off procedures. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn’t. When it did work, I would do my best to get all cute-ed up so I could go dance at the club.

Like any good club, the dance floor had both a floor area and a small stage area where folks could go if they wanted to show off their mad skillz. Every now and again, we would get the balls to go up there, but mostly we were floor folk. There were definitely cutie patootie (by 1988 standards) boys up on the stage that we all enjoyed drooling over. Matt and Ronnie if you must know. I wonder where they are now. Anywho…

Just like so many other events that are a ton of fun up until this point, there were slow songs so us kids could grind on each other in public. Instant wallflower. But, the grand majority of my friends were blooming right alongside me, so it wasn’t too bad. One night, as we were on our way to the garden, I was stopped by a young man who asked me to dance. I am pretty certain that I was floored although probably not as floored as my friends. Bonus two video day, I never hear this song without thinking back to that night.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= izGwDsrQ1eQ

Whole buncha nothing today folks. Hope your day has been better than the 7 hours it’s taken me to get this posted. J

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