Wicky Wicky Wednesday

Owwwww! She’s a brick. House.

Ok, so maybe not just yet, but I’m well on my way. Upped my weights a tiny bit this morning (everything in 2.5 pound intervals because that’s the way our adjustable weights are set up) so I’m sure I’ll be feeling that tomorrow. Maybe less with the Herbalife version of the “recovery drink” flowing through my system. And splits progress! In my stretching this morning, I’m at the point where, on my good leg (left foot forward), I can no longer get the yoga block under my crotchetal region – it gets lodged on my big ass right ass cheek. I call that a win. I can still get the block under with the right foot forward, but it’s getting closer. I think I was giving myself 3 more months to get that left split to the floor, but it’s possible that I get there sooner. Does anyone know a good rate of stretching progress? Like inches per week/month?
For the three people that regularly read this, be warned that I am considering changing up the format of this blog from PG-13 to R with an occasional X mixed in for good measure. It may become a lot more open, a lot more raunchy, and probably a heck of a lot more funny. Your clue will be when the entire layout of the page has changed.

I know that two or three of you out there are doing some form of P90X currently. How’s that going for you? The first two weeks are TOUGH (especially if you’re doing the first P90X), but hang in there! Work through the soreness, modify where you need to, but just keep moving. I promise that if you keep trying, you will see results. Oh, also if you don’t eat like crap. You’ll still see results, but nothing like you would see if you were eating well. J  Chime in and let me know where you’re at!

The habits are feeling more like habits so it’s about time to add something new. I have my shake, my grapefruit, my milk (Lactaid skim) through the shake, and now it’s time to add in the Glucosamine regiment. Perhaps it will help to lube up the joints around the hips just enough for that final push for the split. The biggest issue is finding a good time to take them because they have a lot of fish oil and the very last thing I want is to be tasting that all day. OMG so gross. I’m thinking that maybe with dinner would be a good time since my activity level is usually fairly low after about 8pm. We’ll see how that works out.

Alrighty then, that’s my brain dump for the hump (day). Get out there and push yourself to do your best!

3 thoughts on “Wicky Wicky Wednesday

  1. You saying your blog is going to become nsfw?? but that’s when I read it!

    Haha, anyways, congrats on the splits progress. I told my chiropractor, and she was amazed! Not many people (any age!) can say they even have close to as much mobility as you. Actually, I brag a lot for you :p I wonder if my mom could do the splits, with how active and such she is…

    As for my P90X, I haven’t done anything since Thursday – Friday was intro piano lesson + prep for event Saturday… Saturday was the all day event (literally, was doing it 7:30am – 10:30pm). Sunday was day of rest, and meant to work out, just never did. Monday and Tuesday I got sick *uggh* I worked myself too hard last week, and now my body is complaining.

    What I’ve gotten so far out of my P90x in the 4 days I’ve done it (today will be 5th day):
    * I’ve lost 5 pounds
    * I have a little more flexibility
    * I am working out (in tandem, but different locations) with my dad – he needed someone to get him to do it!

    And as for eating healthy … umm, haven’t really changed that. I need to mix up another week of my DIY.Soylent, and then I’ll be good to go. That covers 2 of my meals a day, and I feel healthier when drinking it!

    RE: Fish oils – are they in capsule form? Why not take them just before bed?

    1. There is the distinct possibility that the blog becomes NSFW, however, because I hate it as well, I will do my best not to post any videos that automatically start playing (I hope the current ones do not, or at least, they don’t for me) or any huge pornographic pictures. Without warning, lol.

      Splits. Thanks. I’m really trying to get down into these mofos. My chiro thinks I’m out of my mind. He seems to think that laying on your back and being able to make a 90 degree angle with your legs indicates good flexibility. I told him I wanted to get to 180 degrees. He just laughed. Not because he thinks I can’t but because I am a total train wreck every time I go in there with my hips out of alignment and my shoulders and neck just crying. But that has more to do with snowboarding wrecks than anything.

      Try not to look at the negatives! You’re making progress and that’s all that matters. It’s not all about the scale either. Take notice of the fit of your clothes and how you feel over the numbers for now. J

      Also, good for your dad!!

      Also, yes, the fish oil is in capsule form. I want to take them right before I eat so that there’s food on top of them and if I have burps, they’ll taste like food and not like I’ve been licking a fish, lol.

  2. lol, that’s why you take the fish oil right before bed, so if you do burp, you’re already asleep! *grins*

    Thanks for the comment on focusing on the positive – I’m working on that right now. I tend to be a positive person, and that went away recently, so I’m focusing on that! Looking at the positive in everything 🙂

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