Nearing The End

Countdowns. I love ‘em. And, as much as I love snowboarding, I am actually counting down to the end of the season. With Keystone having only 27 days left in the season and Breck having 34, and in those days, only 4 or 5 Saturdays remaining, the season is rapidly coming to a close. It’s hard to believe that the winter went by so quickly, and even though A-Basin will probably stay open till July, once we pass April 27, I think that snowboards will be put away until at least Thanksgiving, or the next session at Progresh.

Overall, it’s been a pretty decent season. I slid a few boxes and darn near killed myself. Found the testicular fortitude to go off of big jumps even if I didn’t get big air. Started learning how to deal with moguls on a board outside of just don’t get stuck in them. Worked on getting my carving down better on my toeside as heelside is already good to go. Got enough days in on the mountain to really make my season pass worth buying (I approximate that by the end of April, each of my days on the mountain will have cost about 30 bucks.) and Vail Resorts is crying because of my frugal ways. Next year, we may get involved in some other under the radar stuff that we only heard about this year. But until then…

It is time to move on to spring and summer activities – golf and possibly the trapeze. Yes, more activities that involve the poor wrists, shoulders, and hips that I continually bang up. I was considering not flying this year, however, I think that the stretch I get at the rig might be the only thing that keeps my shoulders stretched out. Still up in the air on that one. Ha! This could be the year that we get video analysis of our golf swings so that maybe, just maybe, I can figure out how to not send the ball flying out to the left and actually get out on the course this year. Third year’s a charm, right? Riiiiiight.

No exercise complaints this week since it’s “recovery week” meaning no weights. Just stretching and light cardio. Plus pole, but no Zumba, but maybe more pole to make up for no Zumba. Man, my life is rough, eh?

So much more to get done in this day. I hope that yours has been great so far and continues to be!!

Say What?