Just Feeling This

If you were worried ’bout where I been or who I saw…then you’re too damned nosy.

But I really do love that song. And you are too nosy.

Halfway through the week and it just happens to be going a little more slowly than I would prefer. Last night, when talking to the Hubs, I swore up and down that it was already Wednesday. I think he almost felt bad that he had to burst my bubble with the reality that it was only Tuesday. Sad face.

In less than a week, the first quarter of the year comes to a close. How the hell did that happen?!?! I mean, it feels like Christmas was a long time ago (even though I didn’t decorate since we weren’t at home), certainly longer than three months. I feel like with my calendar filling the way it is, it’ll be Christmas again before we even know it…and this year I may decorate again. Hey, Home Depot, why  not throw me one of those $5k gift cards? I’d have the most rocking Christmas village EVER!

Sidebar: When I don’t write in the morning, all day I try to get this done and I’m all, hey! A squirrel!

Back to the present and the future, I have 14 weeks in which to prepare a routine to submit for consideration of my participation in a competition later this year. That’s a lot of  –tion. I think I’ll also need some motivation, preparation (hopefully not H, PLEASE not H), gumption, strengthification and flexification. Maybe I make up words, maybe I don’t. I honestly don’t understand how people do this sort of thing on the regular. I know that, for me, I absolutely must dance to songs that I know and can sing along with. I need songs where I really know every note and every beat inside and out so that I don’t miss my own cues. So here’s to thinking that I have at least 4 of those types of songs that I would like to use and I just have to narrow it down. And I think I have, but I keep waffling. I’ll probably end up prepping choreography for 2 and then deciding where to go from there. Much will depend on my actual goal for this endeavor. Time will tell, my friends, time will tell.

Sidebar: People are probably second guessing being my friend on Facebook after I posted a bunch of pictures from high school today.

I saw interesting new followers on Twitter today (and I can’t wait to watch The Following from Monday). Perhaps some new poor souls will make their way over to my daily brain dump to have their heads filled with music and mayhem. That would be fun. Maybe one day, I’ll promote this blog to try to get people to read it, but that won’t be until after I start writing porn erotica. Oh yeah, it’s coming. All over the place.

Seems like it’s time to wrap this up as it’s quickly falling apart. Hope you’re getting your hump on.

Say What?