I Won’t Forget You

Bloggy, I won’t forget youuuuuuuuuu. Even though I did yesterday. Yes, it’s true. I somehow did not remember about writing for Sunday until this morning. But you know what? Shit happens. I made it almost 70 days without a slip-up, so I’ll just press on and hope for another 70 days without one as well. Or perhaps 82 days. Blogging on vacation is gonna be tough.

Sidebar: I just looked out the window at the sun coming up and it looks like the sky is on fire. I’d share a picture, but I stopped bringing my phone downstairs with me in the morning because of the time suck that it is. Workout and stretch and THEN Facebook and email.

Last week, I started eating a little better to go along with my working out. Since I typically don’t eat like shit, we aren’t talking big changes here. I have to do baby steps with changing my food. Last week it was breakfast – switching over to the egg whites, spinach, and tomato instead of my breakfast sandwiches. (Only on weekends now for those little delicious monsters.) This week I’ll continue with the good breakfast. Next week, my goal is to step away from my frozen lunches and to have a better, fresher lunch. Dinner has never really been an issue, but there are steps to be taken there as well.

Like I mentioned, as a habit, I don’t eat really unhealthy stuff, at least not on a regular basis. Of course every now and again I’ll have something that’s completely out of control, but those are called cheat days and I’m 99.9% sure that having a cheat day once a week is a good idea. A little controlled cheat keeps me from binging on cake and ice cream. I guess I may have more than one cheat day a week though, because, if we’re going snowboarding, I’ll eat whatever I want because we’re burning quite a few calories out there on the mountain – more if I fall a lot. So Sunday was this week’s cheat day where I had a breakfast sandwich from Panera. Oddly enough, I couldn’t even finish it. It was yummy and I wanted it, but my tummy said, “Step away from that slightly greasy mess that you’re eating before I send it all back!” I had to walk away. My stomach is smarter than my brain apparently.

Well, swimsuit shopping is about to officially begin. I’ve seen one that I like and could be a winner, however, there’s still time to change my mind. I figure I have until about 2 weeks before the trip to make a decision and allow for shipping. Feel free to post any fun links of swimsuits down there to make my decision even more difficult. I almost want something in brown because, well, you know, shock factor of “Hey, is she naked?!?!”. What can I say, I’m a silly girl.

And this silly girl has to go and get things done. It’s a new week so get your fresh outlook and go out there and handle your business. See you tomorrow.

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