Most Depressing Week of the Year?

Seriously? This is what I saw on the news yesterday or the day before. I was only half-listening, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that they were saying that the first full work week of the year is the most depressing. Personally, I’d be hard pressed to try to figure out the most depressing week of the year for me because: a) they just all run together anyways, and b) my life is pretty decent.

I suppose I can understand not wanting to get back on the 5 days a week schedule, but since I had to work in the timeframe between Christmas and the New Year, back to work isn’t as big of a deal for me. Now, had they said that this week felt like the longest week of the year, I’d be first in line to jump on *that* bandwagon because somehow, IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY!! Argh. Let’s just get to Friday so I can go snowboarding, ok?

Technically, snowboarding is on Saturday, and hopefully I’ll be moving around a little better by then. As per the norm after I start working out at a decent clip after a time off, I’m currently walking around like I got kicked down a flight of stairs. Not like I fell down a flight of stairs on a cruise ship, but like I got kicked at the top, kicked down the stairs, and kicked again at the bottom. I absolutely love the side eyes I get when I try to get up from my desk and get to the bathroom. I’m hoping that by this time next week, I’ll be back in the groove of things and back to my normal, patented (not really), Burkes walk. That’s what my Gram called it. Said she would know from afar if it was me just by the way I walk. Distinct is fun.

Fortunately, in the workout rotation, today was yoga. In 30 minutes. Which makes it a little tough, but still well on my side of being able to complete it. And because that 30 minutes couldn’t be nearly enough torture for one morning, I followed it up with a 45 minute stretching routine because, well, I’m partially off my rocker, but more so, I’m interested in being a bit more flexy. As I well know, strength alone does not an aerialist make. So I stretch and I stretch and I ache and I ache because my hips are absolute jerks, but one day, I will reach my goal of general flexiness. Flexiness by the standards of aerial/pole, not by the standards of general medicine these days. My chiropractor said that my current flexibility was way beyond the “normal” range because, get this, when laying on my back, I can bring either leg past 90 degrees. Ninety. Degrees. That makes flexibility?!?! Where the hell are we going as a society except straight down the crapper? So sad.

You know, today’s writing prompt is actually a pretty good one. I think I’ll write it up as a separate post…or I’ll save it for a day when there’s really just nothing going on. You’ll just have to tune in to find out.


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