37.56 – No more winter?

Punks-atawney Phil, I think a little bit later I’ll be calling shenanigans on you.  Or does your forecast only apply to PA?  If that is so, then go back in your cage and wake up at 6am to the alarm clock playing “I’ve Got You Babe.”  </rant>

I just spent a half an hour writing an email and it flowed right out.  It took me twenty minutes to write those first few sentences.  No bueno.

Every day I get an email reminder that I should write.  It says 750 words, but that’s a heck of a lot of words so I just strive to write a few.

Oh, I wanted to show you a picture from this morning.

iPhones take crappy pictures, at least the older ones do.  But I took this photo this morning after I got out of my car at work.  Shortly thereafter, I nearly froze to death.  No, no, I kid, I kid.  I only lost the tip of my nose.

It’s late, I’ve gotta scoot.  Stay warm, people!

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