Job Rollercoaster….of love…say what?

One of the scariest things about moving to another state is the concept of not having a job and worrying about not being able to get one.  I know that I’m fairly marketable with my jill-of-all -trades, master of none resume but the worry was there nonetheless.  Being jobless for pretty much any period of time wasn’t really an option for me since I had exhausted most of my savings, so when a temp agency called me, I jumped in it. *DirecTv commercial voice*

No doubt, I didn’t enjoy the temp position.  It was okay at first, or until the first time I got screamed on by an irate customer.  I took it too personally, I took it home, I didn’t sleep.  After that day, I knew that I couldn’t stay in that position.  It was only a temp position regardless, but the sooner I could leave it, the better.

I read the classified ads like they were my last gasp of oxygen.  I sent out more resumes in two months than I had probably sent out in four years.  I was starting to get antsy.  I wanted out and my contract was going to end regardless. By a stroke of luck, I got a call for a phone interview for a position that was really interesting at company A.  That interview went well.  Shortly thereafter, I got a call to interview for company B.  Funny thing, company A and company B were in the same building, both about 10 minutes from home.  I was led to believe some things about company B that made it appear to be a good deal.

I accepted the position at company B, only to find out, after two days, that the things I was led to believe were not true. In the meantime, I had gotten a call to interview at company C.  Due to circumstances at company B that were beyond my control, I decided that I would go ahead and interview at company C (5 minutes from home).   Whilst I was interviewing at company C, I received TWO e-mails requesting phone interviews for companies D and E.  Apparently, in Colorado, when it snows, it’s a blizzard.  It seems that we live in a really central location because company D is 10 minutes from home and company E is about 7.

Within two hours of interviewing at company C, I had received an offer.  I knew it was in my best interest to go there so I told company E that I was no longer available but I still spoke with company D.  Turns out that company D was about equal in pay to company C but in less of an IT role.  Company D was very truthful with me and I like that.  They also said if my situation changed to get back in touch with them.  I like that a lot.

So, let’s do some math.

Company A = $x/hour

Company B = $x+2/hour

Company C =  $x+6/hour

Yep, I think things worked out well.  If I read my interview at company C correctly, they promote from within and they want to see me do well and move up fairly quickly.  Maybe I’ll tell you in a couple months what company C is, but for now, let’s say I’d put money on you having something made from their company in your home right now.

I start on Monday.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

Say What?