The Post Where We’re Almost Halfway Through January Already

Oh yeah, that’s right. I said it. And it’s true. In a few short days, we’ll be halfway through the first month of the new year. I gave up on resolutions since I typically fail at those in an epic manner. Countdowns, however, I am fantastic at those. Basically because they take care of themselves. I’ve also got some plans for the next two months, but I’m trying not to go out any further than that for now, but of course some plans extend past that.

Countdowns first:

  • 5 days until I get back into the Pole Fitness studio. I don’t know if I’ll do many actual pole classes, but the conditioning and stretching and the cabaret classes are SO. ON. I’m hoping the cabaret class takes care of my desire to relive my Club Med days of being on stage.
  • 11 more days of doing Zumba every mornings preparation for going to get the certification. Now that’s more my speed. I need to be out and about with the people.
  • OMG! OMG! OMG!!! There are only 26 days left until graduation!! It seems like we’ve been trying to get this degree forever but we finally have the end in our sights. See previous bullet and know that I probably will not use said degree.
  • 27 days until I can focus on getting my group fitness certification. (See a trend here?) Yeah, I already have my business card pictured in my head. I know I can do this and I’ll be great at it. For Pete’s sake, if I can teach people to do the flying trapeze, I can teach them to exercise on the ground.
  • 48 days until I can (hopefully!) liberate myself from these handcuffs, even though they pay the bills.
  • 108 days is the target to actually have that certification. Sooner would be better, of course, but I gotta just make some goals here.
  • 151 days until I’m officially off the market. (I mean, I’ve been off the market since 3/4 through 2005, but 151 days till it’s all legal and junk.)
  • Somewhere around the 170 day mark, we should have everything together to get the hell out of dodge. By dodge I mean Miami. I don’t think that there are words to describe how much I’m looking forward to leaving the concrete jungle behind. Hello trees and grass and open spaces!

Wow. There’s a lot going on in my life. Funny that I don’t even realize that until I write it down.

Also in the plan is trying to finagle my way into a job that doesn’t currently exist but I’m trying to talk my future boss into it. Who can resist a well-written proposal?!?! I’m torn between wanting to do this (because it’s closer to home, less stress, so freeing) and not (feeling bad because future boss may be somewhat of a pushover, I’ve seen it, and even though I know this person needs my help, I just feel bad. I’m a weirdo.).

Random sidebar: Do you know this guy? Today’s his birthday. Look him up on Facebook and wish him a happy birthday. Tell him Sunshine sent you, lol.

Have you ever shopped for a wedding dress? It’s a pain in the ass. I finally picked it out though and now I just have to order it and hope against hope that it won’t need alterations. Not because of the cost, just the inconvenience. Golly, I’d have to get in the car and drive like 5 minutes to the store. Ugh! Yes, I’m lazy. I’m all about the party but not so much about the prep. Wait, but I already know what I’m gonna do with my hair. Ha!

Random sidebar #2: “My Maria” by Brooks and Dunn just came on my iPod. It really reminds me of some kickass times that our Don Pablo’s crew used to have. Annie, Carrie, Nestor, George, Chris, Lori, Gerth, Mel (!), and all the rest of the crew that followed me “home” all the time, I miss you guys!!

I am convinced that my life story would make either a great book or a great thesis for an up and coming psychiatrist. Maybe I should get to writing down some of my better adventures. You might not believe them even if I told you, lol. Perhaps in another post. Till then…

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