Blog challenge – week 1 wrap-up

Okay, first let me say that, to be the organizer, I’m a horrible blogger. I managed one lousy post this week and I won’t bore you with my excuses as to why I didn’t blog more. Let’s just leave it as poor time management. So, a big F for me for week one.

The rest of you, however, did some fantastic work.

Kevin put up four posts in combination this week over at The Pop Ogre and I’m So Goddamned Clever. Kevin is a showoff. πŸ˜› But, he’s a showoff with interesting stuff to say, so congrats for kicking the first week square in the chin. I’m sure that he’ll be keeping us giggling for the rest of the year.

Kelleen (I really love your name!!), who is over on Tumblr, with Ashes To Ashes We All Fall Down, gave us at least 5 posts (!) this week. I’m new to tumblr, so please forgive me whilst i figure it out. Kelleen has introduced herself to us and given us lots to think about, or at least she gave me a lot to think about. Thanks and congrats on the first week. πŸ™‚

Carolinaware, who shall remain as such unless he wants to pony up any more information, is filling up The WareHouse will all things sports and music as well as ladies and info you just didn’t know! He knocked it out of the PARK with, I believe, 15 posts this week. Thanks for making us look like slackers, lol. Seriously, keep it up, you’ll inspire at least me to get on the ball.

I believe that in the upcoming weeks, we may have more people joining this little party. I believe that @tyronem and @kaseymcintyre are interested in playing and I’m going to shoot for getting my brother in on the fun as well. (no twitter ID for him)

Let’s take this month to get this ball really rolling and then we can do fun stuff to add to the challenges next month. What do you think?

In the words of my great uncle, Alle Cuisine!

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