Because playing with my money…

…that’s right.  Is like playing with my emotions.

Today, I threw my former gynecologist’s office right under the bus.  Then I backed up and ran them over again.  I’ve been going there for nearly four years as they came recommended by someone that I trust.  Also, they speak clear English and that’s really important to me when it comes to my medical care.
They’ve requested-until-I-caved-in me to have a couple of procedures in the past that I knew I didn’t need.  I’ve had these parts for 36 years and I know how they act.  Sometimes they need a procedure, but most times they do not.
The shortest straw has been drawn for me and that straw broke the relationship.
I am fortunate.  I have health insurance (right now).  And for this pleasure, I pay with my soul, but that’s another story.  I know how insurance works.  This is not my first time having it.  SO, Doctor, I know that I pay you the co-pay and you bill the insurance.  They don’t pay you everything you charge because you overcharge like bars in a strip club.  But this is not my problem.  Until this year apparently.
You see, you’ve decided to change your policies.  Instead of me paying my lovely co-pay, you’ve decided that ALL patients should pay you $150 up front and (I shit you not) if after you bill the insurance, you’ll cut me a check for whatever I overpaid.
Have.  You.  Lost.  Your.  Everloving.  Minds?!?!?!
I’m sorry.  Never once has one of my bills come back to you.  Never once have I owed your office money.  And this is the shit you’re gonna pull?  You tell me I have a deductible (which isn’t listed on the card, you had to look online or call) but  you couldn’t bother to see that I have a co-pay and you can’t rape me for $150 thinking I’m some other moron down here that isn’t gonna throw you under the bus?!?!
Get under the bus, bitches.
Yeah, that’s right.  I called my insurance company.  I peppered them with questions.  I know you’re wrong.  I also know that what you’re doing is in violation of your contract with the insurance company.  And I reported your ass.  You know why?  Cuz times are hard, motherfuckers.  While you’re living in your big ass house, driving your nice car, some of us are just getting by and trying to stay healthy.  How can you charge someone $150 in these times and expect them to wait for you to send back the extra?  I know that I wouldn’t have seen my $110 for over a month and that’s only if you didn’t try to steal more of it from me.
Not everyone is gonna call you on this, but I did.  What you’re doing is uncalled for.  It’s filthy and I despise you for it.  I know it isn’t common practice either.  I’ve been to many doctors from dermatologists to chiropractors and EVERY OTHER DOCTOR has been about helping the patient, not screwing them.
Karma is a bitch.
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One response to “Because playing with my money…”

  1. That is RIDICULOUS. I can understand a doctor's office struggles to get the carryover bills paid by patients, but this is NOT the way to handle clients that have never been behind on their payments. Glad you ratted them out.

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