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    Fridaylutions, bling bling

    This past week was basically an epic FAIL all around.  I fell behind in my schoolwork and when I got it done, it was a half-assed job and my grades reflected it.  Went to the gym a total of ZERO times.  Ugh.  But hey, there's no need to dwell on the past and my failures.

    Today is payday!!  Huzzah!  And my income tax check was supposed to be deposited today too, but I think that my bank gets confused if more than one deposit comes in at the same time.  I'm sure they'll get it in there before the weekend is over.  They got Lovey's done and he filed days after me.

    I was feeling good this morning, taking photos as I drive.  Again.  I know.  I shouldn't.  But I actually like this one which is why I'm sharing it with you, my lovely neighborhood.  I'm so happy that my hair is finally getting long.  It's been a good six years that I've been growing it out, no cuts, no chemicals.  It grows ultra-slowly.

    Btw, ROCO Friday!

    On with the list for this week:

    • A minimum of 5 mornings in the gym.  No excuses that they took away some of the early morning classes that I really liked.  30 minutes of cardio and however long it takes to do weights.  Come on circus chick!
    • You are dehydrated!  Drink more water!  And while you're at it, eat more healthy stuff.  You are not on vacation any longer.
    • Put some serious effort into this networking class.  It isn't going to go away (for another 3.5 weeks) so suck it up.
    • Watch IT Guys!  I need more time in a day.
    • You have an office (of sorts), use it!  You'll concentrate better in there.
    • Please, please, please, grab one of the many books off of the bookshelf and try to learn something.  Joomla got shelved until someone buys some web hosting so get to work on something else!  Let's go with PHP.

    Okay boys and girls.  I've gotta get rockin on some stuff.  Have a great Friday and an even greater weekend!



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    End this hospital bill, STAT!

    You may (or may not) remember my previous griping about the hopsital bill from hell.  I'm too lazy to find a link to the story so let's summarize.  I went to the hospital without insurance and racked up a hella big bill.  I've been paying it off for over two years now.  Well, I've been trying to pay it off but even though they have my banking information, the company that handles the bill needs to be screamed at reminded to draft out their payment.

    Today I decided that I would be even more responsible and instead of spending what's left of my income tax money after the other bills on something fun for me, that I would see how much of a discount they would offer in a settlement.  Well, much to my surprise, they were willing to knock 35% off of the balance!  Sweet!  And DEAL!  They can draft that out next week.  Thank you and Good Riddance!

    Here's the best part:

    I called and asked for the lady that handles my account.  The lady that answered the phone asked for my name which is not unusual.  I'm on hold and then I get transferred to a voicemail of a person whom I do not know.  I hung up without leaving a message and called back.  I let the lady who answered know that I called for my lady but got someone else's voicemail.  She said that she knew and that was what she was told to do.  Grrr.

    Since she didn't do anything wrong, I was nice to her.  I asked her to please tell my lady that I wasn't calling to complain (this time) so please take my call.  Three seconds later, I had her on the line.  After we worked out the settlement, she did apologize for not taking my call.  She said that she sent me directly to the head of accounting because she "just didn't know how to apologize again" for their screwups.

    Unprofessional?  Uh, yes, I think so, but this whole ordeal has been.  But you know what?  It's over.  As of next week, I never have to deal with these people again.  HOORAY!! 

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    Who the hell is editing this morning?!?!

    Just look at the title of this!
    clipped from www.miamiherald.com

    Please write onhed here and here here here

    Palm Beach Post

    A Margate man who deserted from the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg, N.C., was found working the counter at a bread shop near Boca Raton, authorities said.

    Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies tracked John B. Turner, 20, to the Panera Bread restaurant at U.S. 441 and Glades Road and arrested him there Sunday morning, a sheriff's spokesman said.

    Officials at the U.S. Army Deserter Information Point in Fort Knox, Ky., and at the Pentagon said Turner, a private with Fort Bragg's 18th Infantry Brigade, deserted Nov. 20.

    Turner will face a court martial or be administratively discharged, said Lt. Col. Nathan Banks, a Pentagon spokesman.

      blog it

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    Awkward moment of silence

    When having a conversation with two people who both have a halitosis issue but seem to be unaware of it, how does one respond when something like this happens?

    Bad Breath 1: There's no nice way to tell people they have bad breath, huh?

    Bad Breath 2: Nope, you can just try to give them a mint or gum.

    Innocent Bystander: Uh, yeah.  Mint.

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