ROCO Friday – The windy birthday edition

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

  • Yup, it's the big 1-5 for Kiddo today.  She's getting old, lol.  Oh wait, that means I am too.
  • I got the most lovely call from the school this morning.  Yesterday's jackass' boss called me and smoothed everything over.  Basically he's a bipolar cranky old man that's been in the school for 50(!) years and she can't do much with him except talk to him and tell him to bring it down a notch.  That's fine.  I'll just deal with you.
  • We are SOOOO keeping an eye on Ike.  It keeps wobbling all over the place, unfortunately.  I hope it swings a hard right and heads north to the hurricane graveyard.  No one needs any more stress with these storms. 🙁
  • Hey, it's payday!  I'm rich for 10 minutes until I pay bills!
  • I'm still digging the Wii Fit.  It's a lot to pay to get a scale in the house, but it's fun too.  I really love the yoga stuff and I am the champion ski jumper.  Broke 300 m this morning.
  • Wow!  I just cracked my neck and for a quick second, I thought I might have broken it.  Yikes.
  • Oh, I quit trying to lose weight.  My body seems happy at 130 so I'm just going to leave it there.  If more comes off, so be it.  But good gravy, I like food.
  • FOOTBALL SEASON HAS STARTED!  GO STEELERS!  I was thinking that I would try to change the banner weekly to reflect who my guys are playing, but I just don't know if I'll have the time.  Or energy.  Or creative juices.

Enough with my ramblings.  Go out and have a great ROCO Friday!  See you next week!

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