9 thoughts on “I’m sorry, he did what?

  1. I hope McCain receives at least equal ridicule to what Gore got, considering in this case you don't even have to manipulate what was said to make it look silly.

  2. Oh, but that being said, you do have to admire how deftly McCain's adviser was able to contrive a random distraction to keep the focus off of McCain's immense failings. If he can get us focusing on things like this, maybe people won't find out the important stuff like how McCain's aped platform of "change" completely contradicts his voting record this year that has sided with Bush 100% of the time.

  3. I know that it's closed-minded, but if John McCain himself walked up to me right now and handed me a check for a million dollars to vote for him, I might poop on the check and then throw it at him.

  4. Right there with you. I suspect it's next to impossible for materialistic people, especially the filthy rich, to grasp that some of us actually find other things more important than money. This is why the government raising my taxes to pay for things like healthcare and education for all doesn't bother me in the least, but using my tax money to kill people does.Call me crazy, but NO amount of money could get me to back a filthy rich septuagenarian former P.O.W. with anger management issues, a penchant for forgetfulness, and a running mate who considers killing animals an enjoyable family pastime.

  5. It's scary that I know people who will vote that way because their parents vote that way, and these are people the same age as me. Without expendable wealth. I need to do more research, but I thought the plan was to raise taxes on the more fortunate and relieve we, the peons, a little bit.
    And HA! Just HA!

  6. I assure you that was never the republican plan. Ever. Republicans believe if you are poor it is your own fault. Period. That's how they feel, even when they disingenuously deny the fact.

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