ROCO Friday – The end of May edition

First, let me say that, yes, just yesterday, I said I was taking a Vox hiatus.  I am still taking that hiatus but it is unfair to the congregation to leave them without a leader since I got them all riled up so here I am.

Let the congregation say: ROCO!

Do they do that in other churches?  You know, have the pastor read while the congregation reads along and responds as it is written or is that just the Baptists?  At any rate, ROCO!

Well, my people, let's get on with the announcements.  Today they'll be read by Sister Idadi (if she doesn't mind).

<Idadi does a roundoff back handspring to the pulpit.>

Good day members of the ROCO congregation.

<congregation replies in kind>

As you know, the Reverend has been having some interesting times that nearly took her away from the flock, but we are happy to say that, at least for church, she will be staying with us.


We are proud to announce that the Reverend, who has a full time job when not doing the work of the ROCO community, has received a promotion.  She is moving up the white devil also known as the corporate ladder (sorta) from department paper pusher/whipping bitch to company-wide whipping bitch aka Help Desk/Junior Business Analyst.

<AMEN!  Tell it!>

In other ROCO business, all members of the community are encouraged to bring a friend to church next week because the Reverend is a comment whore.

<snickers among the congregation>

That's all we have for this week.

Thank you, Sister Idadi.

Let us move on to tithing.  The ROCO congregation is all about helping each other and others not so fortunate.  Please give freely of your time and of yourself for a time may come when it is you that needs help.


As CNN just came on, please, let us take a moment to direct our thoughts to New York, the site of a crane collapse this morning wherein two people have been injured, possibly losing their lives at the corner of 91st and 1st Streets.

<    >

The ROCO congregation would never make light of such a tragedy, but we must move on, although our hearts are slightly heavier.

We have no sermon today, just thoughts.  Thoughts such as:

  • When leaving the house, make sure that you didn't leave your wallet in your Lovey's truck, hence leaving you without ID, money, plastic and leaving you with the sinking feeling that you lost your wallet and have to cancel your credit cards until you realize that it's in your Lovey's truck.
  • A clean house is a happy house.  Take it from me and my newly cleaned house. (One room to go minus Kiddo's.  Teenagers live in funk.)
  • Gaining 10 pounds in 2 months is simple.  Losing 10 pounds in 1 month is way harder.  Lesson learned.
  • Online group projects really suck.
  • MiamiShyner (not the Rev. MS) will probably return to regular blogging during her vacation to the Keys that begins in 42 days, although it could be sooner.  Hallelujah!
  • Live rock is awesome and sorely lacking in Miami.
  • Spam emails with the subject "You look really stupid MiamiShyner" are crappy!  I don't care if it's spam, quit saying mean stuff!
  • Have the best possible weekend.  Remember that the little things are just that, little things.
  • Most importantly, ROCO!!

Peace out to the congregation!  I'm shaking hands at the door.  Please step out into the vestibule, take the stairs down to the kitchen, and enjoy some refreshments.  We were told that there would be punch and pie and punch (grape Kool-aid) and pie (peach cobbler) there is!

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