Things on Tuesday when 4=2+2

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Things that get my panties in a bunch:

  • Wedgies.  Wait, that's not what I was supposed to say.
  • Having to sorta write my job description.  Why?  Because it points out how much nothing I really do all day.
  • People that don't want to pitch in on a group project.  Come on people, it's your grade too!
  • Not much else really.  I'm a happy camper!

Things that make me tingly:

  • Tiger balm.  Damn, off topic again.
  • The not-so-real prospect of hitting the lottery.  $32 million here I come.
  • A nice round 80 days left till vacation.
  • A new restaurant opening down the street from our vacation spot.  Close enough to stumble home if necessary.
  • L.E.M. the Workout – this guy is sheer evil and his medicine ball can go straight to hell but damn if he's not gonna get me all toned up.
  • Kiddo's on her best behavior so she can go to camp.
  • Lovey starts his new job in T-8 days and counting.
  • I have still avoided the Blackberry.
  • It's the last week of International Business and with class ending on Sunday, I'm way ahead of the game AND might still squeak out an A.
  • My new travel mug from work.  Yes, it's slightly cheesy but it was still free.  Happy Earth Day.
  • Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day and that means free lunch at China Grill.  Hell yeah for their Cracklin Calamari Salad.  Diet be damned.
  • When I bite into a York Peppermint Patty…..

And, new for me. 

Things I want to accomplish (no time frame, but sooner rather than later would be better)

  • I've really gotta learn Spanish.  For these last two years I've got here in Miami, it would be helpful.
  • Obtain a personal trainer certification.
  • MCTS (SQL Server 2005) and MCITP (DBA) certifications.
  • Must.  Learn.  PHP.  Also.
  • Read more books.
  • Become a practicing Wiccan.
  • Schedule my time more wisely and STICK TO THE SCHEDULE!
  • Lose 10 pounds.
  • Grow bigger boobs.  HAHAHAHAHA.

Okay, okay, that's enough.  Have a great day folks!

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6 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday when 4=2+2

  1. i wanna lose 10 lbs, too. but i'm going to guess that it's not gonna happen. A in class? awesome! i don't think i got an A in any class in college. haha! wait. no. i got a few. but they were in electives. haha! like japanese. (which i don't remember a word of.) and history of far eastern art. yeah. classes that didn't matter. hehe.

  2. The lose 10 pounds and grow bigger boobs items may be at odds… and lemme tell you, the grass is always greener. The boob thing? Not so great.

  3. Ha! Freakishly huge. Awesome. Gotta lose 10 to gain ounces because on a 5'1" frame, going bigger makes me look kinda chunky but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I'm so vain, lol. See what living in Miami will do to ya?

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