Wouldn’t happen now

Back in the day, my father worked construction – the old skool road crew shit.  Blacktop and pavers and such.  He once had some great painkillers because someone accidentally put the blacktop squisher down on his foot and broke a few of his toes.  He met a lot of people because often, they would work in residential areas.

One winter, he met a British family (I think they were British, it's been a long time).  Somehow, he made friends with them.  They had two daughters the same age as I was.  He made us a play date.  So the following Saturday, he drove me over to their house and I hung out with them all day.  We went sled riding (sledging) and had hot chocolate and snacks (smokies – like little Vienna sausages).  It was an awesome day! 

Of course, we didn't keep in touch, but my brother reminded me of this today.  What do you think the chances are that this would happen in this day and age, 25 years later.  Who would go out front and talk to the guys working on the road besides to ask when they're leaving or to tell them to get off the lawn?  Who would allow a strange black man to talk to your kids?  Who would invite said strange black man to bring his child over for the day?  What parent would leave their child for an entire day with a family they've known for only a couple days?  What child would willingly go to the house of strangers and make friends and have a great day?

Times have changed, my friends, and they've taken a severe downward turn.  People are no longer nice and trusting.  No more welcome smiles and open arms.  Sad, isn't it?  Could someone please bring back the 80s?

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