The Numbers Game

3 – days left till the long weekend

11 – days left until Moonfaire

33.72 – years I've had on this planet

1029.83 – years I've had on other planets

4 – number of shoes at my desk

10 – pounds I want to lose

5 – realistic pounds I have to lose

17 – days left until the GO reunion

166 – days till we bust our collective ass snowboarding

6 – manmade holes in my body

3 – tattoos

4 – cars I've owned

3 – times I've escaped death

10,000 – pennies in my checking account

3 – places on my body bruised from pole dancing

5 – nights of good loving after pole class

111 – posts on Vox

6 – websites I've created

1 – website I've created that's still up and running

2 – fantastic business ideas

0 – minutes spent working on them recently

40 – minutes spent explaining the distributive property and simplifying (Algebra) to my daughter last night

1- dirty story posted on Vox

2 – times I've considered deleting my blog

umpteen – things my brother and I have laughed at together

2.08 – years spent with Lovey

1 – trip out of the country planned for next year

10 – months it took to get in circus shape

1 – month it took to lose all core strength

1500 – dollars it would cost to have a single trap in my back yard

2 – dollars I have put away towards it

6 – average number of calls per week to our house by bill collectors with a wrong freaking number

2 – brain cells shared by bill collectors who don't understand that there's no P Garcia at our house

6 – concerts I've attended (that's sad)

2 – times I've seen wrestling live (is that more sad?)

1 – times I've been approached by a roadie and almost kidnapped out of a state where I didn't live

4 – countries in which I've taught the trapeze

0 – reasons for posting this


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10 Random Factoids regarding Shyner

But only because Roboco made me.  :-)  They're in no particular order, each as dull and mundane as the last.  I'm putting myself to sleep.

  1. I can't draw.  This probably isn't great for someone who's really interested in Web/Graphic design, but it only takes my one good idea (coming soon to a party near you) to make sure I don't have to work for someone else any more anyways.
  2. I graduated high school at the tender age of 16.  If you have the opportunity to do this for your child, DON'T!  Trust me, it sucks when all of your friends are two years older than you, have two more years experience than you do and most of all, when you try to go to PSU (main campus) when you're that young.  Let kids be kids.  Don't push.
  3. Jam is better than jelly and grape is better than strawberry, at least for me.  There's nothing better than some honey roasted Peter Pan (I don't care about the recall, get it back on the shelves) and Welch's grape jam on fresh squishy wheat bread.
  4. After I devour that PB&J, I'll most likely go brush my teeth.  I'm pretty anal retentive about my teeth.  (Should anal and teeth even go in the same sentence?)  I love my Sonicare and I've never had a cavity.  Ever.
  5. My hospital visits have been very limited.  I say this as I knock on all the wood I can find; I've never broken a bone or required stitches.  I am dull.
  6. One day soon, soon meaning within the next 5 years, you'll see me on TV on the World Series of Poker.  I love it and I feel like I should be there so I will.
  7. I'm one hell of a bartender.  No, I don't flair.  You don't have to spin bottles to be a great bartender.  I dance on bars, I sling drinks, I give attitude, I get you drunk.  End of story.
  8. I've never been a big fan of the open water, except when I've been drinking, the most dangerous time.  I can't take my Open Water PADI test because I don't think I can float that long.  I hate to swim, yet I absolutely adore snorkling on a calm day and scuba diving any day.
  9. I'm a circus freak.  See here or here for proof.  Available for bookings.  NOT!
  10. I write porn.  Yup, sure do.  Drop me a line, tell me what you like and I'll write you a story.

There you have it.  All you never wanted to know.  I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to share.

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