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    Welcome to December, we got fun and games

    Once again, I’ll be trying to post more often.  We all know how that goes, however.  I start, I’m good for a few days, then I drop off.  I can’t help it that there’s not always something interesting happening in my life.  I don’t want to bore you, my two or three readers, you know.

    If you read the last post, well, work is going well.  I’m learning a lot whilst breaking things (although not my fault).  Sometimes I feel like a complete moron, but that’s probably just an issue I have.

    It’s quite difficult to believe that 2010 is winding down already.  It’s already nearly time to make those New Year’s resolutions that we all break on, oh, January 2.  Have you already decided on what you aren’t going to do in 2011?  😉

    *total aside* Mariska Hargitay is a beautiful woman.  Yeah, I’m watching SVU.

    On the subject of 2011, in January, I get the sweet opportunity to do a little Zumba during halftime of the Nuggets game in January.  Now, if I could just get around to learning that dance, lol,  If you’re in Colorado or New Orleans (I’m pretty sure they’re playing NO), maybe you’ll get to catch that halftime gig on TV.

    I hope you’ll bear with me here.  I know this is kinda ramble-y, but I’m trying to get back to my former blogging form.  If you’d like to read from when I was more coherent, there are plenty of entries to check out right after I import them, lol.

    Regardless, I thank you, three readers, for stopping by.  It’ll get better so tell your friends.  Until later….

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    It’s another new home!

    I’ve had a lot of blog homes over the last couple of years, but I think I’ll tool around with this one and actually keep it. 🙂

    I was going to wait until the new year to start writing again, but procrastinating has always been my downfall so I thought I should start kicking its ass immediately.  So while this is just a short love note, there is much more to look forward to, my friends. Much, much more.

    Until then…

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    Today, it is official

    What better way to start your weekend than to get married, right? Well, that’s what I’m doing. Even though our “big” ceremony isn’t for another week, we’re taking care of the legalities today. While we could’ve done the whole legal wedding in Mexico, they really make it a pain in the butt, so we’re getting hitched right here in the States.

    It’s a bittersweet kinda day. While my mom and brother will be at the big ceremony, I’m still missing so many people. Folks I always imagined would be there when I got married. I realize that people don’t live forever, but that fact isn’t able to change the little bit of sadness that is trying to creep in.

    Reality says that my grandparents likely wouldn’t make it to my wedding, particularly seeing as how I’ve waited damn near forever to actually get married. I really thought that my dad would be there to give me away though. Cancer stole that dream from me. I can only take solace in the thought that they’ll all be watching from above and they’ll all be happy for me. Maybe they’ll even throw their own little party. 🙂

    I don’t suppose that I can reiterate enough how much I am ready to leave Miami. Of all the places that I have lived (and I’ll count lived as I stayed there for more than 2 months), Miami is my least favorite. It isn’t all that they show you on TV. Actually, it’s almost none of that. Sure, there are people living that life you see on TV, but that’s not for you and me, unfortunately. I could go on and on about why I’m ready to go, but I won’t. Suffice it to say, it’s been a long five years.

    On a happier, or at least funnier note, I have to try to shop for makeup soon. I also need someone to teach me how to put it on properly. Damn you, Van Meter Road! Growing up with mostly boys I didn’t learn this kinda stuff. But hell, I can change oil, tires, and brakes so I guess I’m really a leg up.

    There is still much to be done and I keep procrastinating. I guess I really should get moving. Have a wonderful weekend all!


    The soon to be Mrs. Burkes-Garcia

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    Who’s at my door?

    Yesterday, in the hot minute I have between getting home and starting dinner, I managed to unpackage my new X Pole and get it into its carrying case home.  I was just about to start up the stairs with it (this thing is freaking heavy!!) when someone knocked on the door.  With pole still in tow, I went over to the door and looked through the glass.

    We have the goofy kind of glass that you can only sorta see through and the person outside can certainly see you if you've come to the door.  When I looked out, I only saw jeans and sneakers and assumed it was Lovey's BFF.  As such, I opened the door only to be stared in the face by two gentlemen sporting Comcast shirts.

    Slightly confused, I blurted out, "We don't have Comcast".  Oh, I should mention that I've been getting phone calls for the last two days trying to confirm my appointment with Comcast.  Coincidence?  My opening line didn't even faze these guys.  They jumped right in with their sales pitch.  Went a little something like this: (CG1 & CG2 are Comcast Guys)

    CG1: Yes, we know you don't have Comcast, that's why we're here.

    Me:   Oh.  Well, unless you can give me every football game every week, I'll NEVER switch to Comcast.

    CG2: (in a kinda nasty tone) Oh, you're one of those people.  Sunday Direct Ticket.

    Me:   That's right.

    CG1: Well, you know, you're paying a whole bunch extra for just a couple of good games…

    Me:   Look, I'm Pittsburgh born and raised.  I WILL see my Steelers, in my house, on my TV, every week, without fail, end of story.

    CG2: (eye roll)

    CG1:  Okay, okay.  Well, who do you have for your phone and internet service?

    Me:   (at this point, the pole is REALLY heavy and I want them to go away but can't bring myself to just shut the door…time to embellish a little)  Ugh, I don't know.  BellSouth, I think.

    CG1:  Well, if you don't mind me asking, how much do you pay a month?

    Me:   (I kinda do mind you asking so now I'm going to flat out lie to you.)  Look dude, I don't know.  I don't pay the bills.  That's not my job.  It's also why I don't care how much DirecTv costs, how much Sunday Ticket costs, or how much the phone costs.  (I know what providers we have and where every penny goes.)

    CG1:  (totally deflated)  Well, okay.  Thanks for your time.

    Me:  No problem.

    Close door.

    So the real question is, since when did Comcast start going door-to-door like they're Jehova's Witnesses?!?! (no disrespect to the Jehova's)