37.24 – Making it a habit

It has been said that it takes doing something 21 times to make it a habit.  We’ll see how close I am to being a habitual writer at the end of this month.  Admittedly, a lot of the times I don’t write, it is because I feel as though I don’t have anything about which to write.  To help me get over this excuse, I’m “teaming up” with NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month.  Every month, they provide a writing topic and all I have to do is think up something to write about.  Should be easy enough, right?

This month, the topic is friends.  Simple.  This month may be all about reminiscing.  I’ll be randomly selecting one of my Facebook friends every day and writing down a memory or two that I have about/with that person.  If you’re reading this and cringing, don’t worry, I won’t write about anything that would get either of us in trouble. 🙂  I thought it would be simple to randomly select someone on Facebook, but I forget that they keep changing everything and making it a clusterfudge.  Thank goodness for the handy, dandy backup iPhone.  I’ll go to my friends list and randomly scroll up and down a few times with my eyes closed and we’ll see who wins.

Drumroll please……….

And the winner is: Mr. A. West, Jr.

Back in the day, when I was making the transition to public school from private, it was a little traumatic.  I was going from a school with about 50 kids in it to a school with more than 50 kids per grade.  A lot of the kids made the transition a little easier, though.  I was greeted on my first day by a trio of classmates who shared a birthday.  Somehow they knew that we all shared the birthday month and couldn’t wait to see if I shared the same day.  I missed them by two days, but it was close enough for them.

One day on our walk to lunch, or maybe gym, it was over 20 years ago, gimme a break, AW gave me a proper welcome to public school.  He came up behind me and used me as a springboard of sorts and told me something.  I’m not going to share that little nugget of knowledge because things change, but sometimes, they don’t.  For the next 7 years, AW and I got to know each other and ended up being pretty good friends.  I never forgot what he told me, though.  I took it to heart.  I saw flashes of truth in what he said in my school years.  I also saw so many things that made what he said untrue.

Funny how some things stick with you 20 years down the road, isn’t it?  But pulling out these memories is kind of fun.  I mean, it was elementary school.  It was Atta Boy-Girl.  It was not walking through the pee pod in the cafeteria.  It was kickball outside.  It was an outrageous 6th grade.  It was a person tripping/being pushed through a plate glass window.  It was hiding me all day and getting dirty looks from other teachers.  It was a playground collision that bruised my kneecap.  It was Release!  It was the beginning of many a friendship.  It was just a really good time.

Back to the current day and time, I’ve gotta go learn a dance.  I’ll be doing Zumba at halftime of a Nuggets game next weekend and I’ll be damned if I go out there not hitting every move.  Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.  It’s been fun.  See you tomorrow for another story.

37.10 – I. Can’t. Drive. 55!

Yes, I’m watching a Sammy Hagar concert on TV101 right now.  Don’t judge me.  I figured I’d only have to watch it for about 10 minutes any, way before he ran out of songs that I knew.  I don’t think he can play any Van Halen songs, but hey, what do I know.

I went to a pole class today.  It was a nice, small class with no  pole sharing (which I really like) and a really cool teacher (which is important)

SIDEBAR: Sammy can play Van Halen songs.

because you have to trust this person and believe that she knows what she’s doing.  I’m going to be in pain tomorrow, but such is life.  I keep saying to myself that I should stretch and such, but you know, until you do something 21 times it doesn’t become a habit.

SIDEBAR: Sammy’s guitarist is giving it a great shot, but he’s certainly no Eddie Van Halen.

The only thing that sucks is that it’s a 30 minute drive to the studio.  It’s mostly highway but the highway lanes are kinda skinny here, making me slightly nervous that it looks like someone is in my lane.  I tell ya, I was spoiled by the location and the teachers at my school in Miami.

SIDEBAR: I think I’m officially out of songs I know from Sammy without Van Halen.  Also, I wonder where the drinks are going that the bartender is making on stage.

We got Michael Jackson: The Experience today.  On sale.  Which was cool and I didn’t even know about until checkout, but I was fully prepared to pay full price.  Let me just say this about it: I effing love it!! Oh how they’re sneaking the exercise in!  Can I make up a gym class where I lead  people in playing the Wii?  That’d be just fantastic.  For my Xlub  Club (ha, sometimes X) Med friends who’ve done a Michael Jackson show, you’d probably love it.   It’s Sweating To The Oldies for the Club Med generation.

Come back tomorrow when there just might be plenty of typos because I can’t use my right arm!

37.9 – Introducing, Lexi

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Lexi.  She’s my connection to you, friends.  She’s my new laptop.  I was going to post a picture of my pretty, but she isn’t fully dressed just yet.  Once her dress gets here, I promise to share.

So, you know how Arizona doesn’t change their clocks?  Well, there are some politician-type people here that want to see Colorado do the same thing.  While Arizona stays on Standard time, there are proponents for staying on Daylight Savings time here (as well as for Standard time).  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I would love it if we stayed on DS all year round.

I know I’m not alone.  Tons of people are active here and keeping that extra hour of daylight could make a huge impact in quite a few areas.  Let’s save the environment!  I can’t wait until the time changes again so I can ride my bike to work.  From what I’ve seen of winter here so far, I could be riding my bike to work a heck of a long time if it were not dark when I left work.  And I would have the best legs ever!

Think of the boon for ski resorts.  An extra hour that they could stay open if they didn’t have lights.  More twilight sessions, (crossing fingers for) folks spread out a little bit and making it a little less crowded, more time on the slopes giving a better feeling of getting your money’s worth, I could go on and on.

Keep those kids active!  That’s an extra hour of daylight to go out and play.  That is, if kids still go out to play.  Work off some of that extra energy so the parent(s) can get a little rest after a long day of work.  On weekends, give that outdoorsy family an extra hour to hang out together.  Bonuses abound.

Ok, maybe I just want it for me.  Yes, that’s it.  I want it for me.  I’ll admit it.

*completely unrelated sidebar*  Go to Outback and have a Gingerbread Cookie Martini.  Know what?  Sit at the bar and have the Ahi Tuna appetizer and the Gingerbread Cookie Martini.  You’ll be glad you did.  I want to go there now just thinking about it.  But I really love Ahi.  And salmon.  Sushi.  Sashimi. Carpaccio.  Edamame.  Fortune cookies.

Sorry, I warned that these wouldn’t necessarily be cohesive until I got back into writing.  I was doing well but started to stray so that’s my cue to wrap it up.  Until later……. peace, love, and chicken grease.

37.2 – I love to eat

Tonight we went out for my birthday dinner since I was on-call for work last night.  Good thing too, because just as we were sitting down to eat last night, the BlackBerry rang and I had to be on the phone for about an hour.  Kinda sucked, but it’s only once a month.  I like to think of it as getting paid to sleep.

We went over to BJ’s Brewhouse.   Third time there.  The menu is so huge that it’ll take a few more visits to taste all of the things that I want to eat in there.  The must have, however, is the Ahi Poke appetizers.  I.  Love.  This.  Dish.  I love it so much that I followed it today (name that song to go to the bonus round).  But really, I love it so much that I ordered it to go so I could still taste a bunch of other things.  It’s that good.  So far, I haven’t had anything there that I didn’t love.

Tonight, dishes visiting our table included Avocado Egg Rolls, Tuscan Limone Chicken, Chicken Fried Steak, California Burger, and the Mini Pizooki Trio.  Every last bit of it was delicious.

The best part about eating dinner at 6:30 is not feeling bad about having a snack at about 9:30.  And a healthy snack at that!  Pardon me whilst I om.  Nom nom.

I’m still taking suggestions for a name for the new laptop when she arrives.  Maybe I’ll get a pole dancing sticker and put it on her and call her Lexi.  I stun myself with these nuggets of genius.

You know, I’d love to keep talking to you, but I have tuna to eat.

Welcome to December, we got fun and games

Once again, I’ll be trying to post more often.  We all know how that goes, however.  I start, I’m good for a few days, then I drop off.  I can’t help it that there’s not always something interesting happening in my life.  I don’t want to bore you, my two or three readers, you know.

If you read the last post, well, work is going well.  I’m learning a lot whilst breaking things (although not my fault).  Sometimes I feel like a complete moron, but that’s probably just an issue I have.

It’s quite difficult to believe that 2010 is winding down already.  It’s already nearly time to make those New Year’s resolutions that we all break on, oh, January 2.  Have you already decided on what you aren’t going to do in 2011?  😉

*total aside* Mariska Hargitay is a beautiful woman.  Yeah, I’m watching SVU.

On the subject of 2011, in January, I get the sweet opportunity to do a little Zumba during halftime of the Nuggets game in January.  Now, if I could just get around to learning that dance, lol,  If you’re in Colorado or New Orleans (I’m pretty sure they’re playing NO), maybe you’ll get to catch that halftime gig on TV.

I hope you’ll bear with me here.  I know this is kinda ramble-y, but I’m trying to get back to my former blogging form.  If you’d like to read from when I was more coherent, there are plenty of entries to check out right after I import them, lol.

Regardless, I thank you, three readers, for stopping by.  It’ll get better so tell your friends.  Until later….

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