Shower Dog? Yoga Around The House

Down Shower? Down Shower Dog? Drown Dog? (No, that one sounds pretty bad.) OK, Shower Dog.

What the hell am I talking about? An adapted downward facing dog in the shower. Obviously, regular down dog in the shower isn’t gonna cut it…unless you shower in a snorkel and mask. Personally, I leave those items for the ocean, so being in a position trying to stretch where water can run up my nose (yeah) doesn’t really interest me. Realize that I’m no yogi; I’m a recreational yoga class attendee. When I say class, I mean P90X in the basement. So, I’m sure it’s understandable that perhaps Down Dog isn’t even the most appropriate way to describe this. Perhaps a shower dolphin is better. Let’s just talk about it and you can decide for yourself.

The other day, I ate like an absolute pig. Way too much. As punishment, I was the recipient of a gas bubble that was as hard as a rock, sitting beneath my ample bosom. Ha! I tried to get rid of it by massaging it down, but this sucker was stubborn. It’s like it was just giving me the finger and saying, “Why’d you eat that if you weren’t even hungry?!?!” I decided to take me and my new gas bubble friend to the shower. After just enjoying the hot water for a little bit, I thought that I would try elongating the bubble thinking that maybe it just couldn’t move because it was too big.

Enter Shower Dog.  This would be a lot easier if I just took a picture, but I’m not getting in the shower fully clothed and I can’t see the hubby being thrilled about taking that photo. Anywho, here’s the position: I place my hands on the back wall of the shower, fully extending my arms over my head. Now, I arch pretty hard and move my face and ample bosom (Ha!) towards the back wall as well so that I am getting a lovely shoulder stretch. To take full advantage of the space, I also engage my quads and hammies and think about getting my hammies up against the wall that the shower head is on. Hopefully you can picture this. I held the “pose” for a little bit, released, did it again without the leg engagement, released, did it again with the legs engaged.

You know what’s crazy? It worked. The gas bubble of death moved along its merry way. Bonus that I got some nice stretching in as well. I think I’ll keep doing random, adapted yoga all over the house. Makes it kinda fun. Of course I’ll share all of my fun with you! Thanks for asking, lol.

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