Shoot Your Shot?

Hey there! Two posts in a month? Look out now!

I used to have an almost daily blogging habit. Those were also the times that I had to leave the house for work, drive in shitty traffic, sit in a freezing cold office, and work for a horrible human. I had A LOT to say. But of course, things change (thankfully) and now I don’t leave the house for work (nor will I ever again if I can help it) so there’s no traffic (unless I bump into Lovey in the hallway) and I can put on or take off as much clothing as I want (or use a space heater) and my boss is GREAT! So yeah, my life is kinda boring right now. But boring in the best possible way.

I do leave the house once a week to teach my fabulous FabPolers. This past week, on my way home, I’m cruising with the windows down and the music waaaaaay up. I was jamming out to some K7 (Let’s Bang) and singing and dancing. Yes, I’m THAT person in the car and I have no intention of changing. I was sitting at a light in the left hand lane and a car pulls up beside me. I notice out of the corner of my eye that the person is trying to get my attention. Out of concern that something may have been amiss, I rolled down my front passenger window. (Driver and rear passenger were down in case you’re wondering how I was heard/seen) Eye rolling ensues.

Him: *Black man of undetermined origin. Handsome but definitely not my type. Older.* Hi! Can I enjoy the music with you?

Me: Uh, sure. *rolls down window further and turns it up*

Him: *gesturing wildly* I am 941

Me: Oh, nope. I’m married. Not trying to get those digits.

Him: Oh! No, no. This is you?

Me: What?

*longest fucking red light ever*

Him: This song. It is you?

Me:*laughing hysterically* NO! This is not me. The band is called K7.

Him: K7?


Him: Ok. Thank you. You have a wonderful day!

Me: You too!

These are the days of my life. I am a magnet for just strange things. Keeps life interesting though, I suppose.

Well, I guess I’m gonna wrap up here. I’m up to get my boobs smashed. See ya!

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