Shoot Your Shot?

Hey there! Two posts in a month? Look out now!

I used to have an almost daily blogging habit. Those were also the times that I had to leave the house for work, drive in shitty traffic, sit in a freezing cold office, and work for a horrible human. I had A LOT to say. But of course, things change (thankfully) and now I don’t leave the house for work (nor will I ever again if I can help it) so there’s no traffic (unless I bump into Lovey in the hallway) and I can put on or take off as much clothing as I want (or use a space heater) and my boss is GREAT! So yeah, my life is kinda boring right now. But boring in the best possible way.

I do leave the house once a week to teach my fabulous FabPolers. This past week, on my way home, I’m cruising with the windows down and the music waaaaaay up. I was jamming out to some K7 (Let’s Bang) and singing and dancing. Yes, I’m THAT person in the car and I have no intention of changing. I was sitting at a light in the left hand lane and a car pulls up beside me. I notice out of the corner of my eye that the person is trying to get my attention. Out of concern that something may have been amiss, I rolled down my front passenger window. (Driver and rear passenger were down in case you’re wondering how I was heard/seen) Eye rolling ensues.

Him: *Black man of undetermined origin. Handsome but definitely not my type. Older.* Hi! Can I enjoy the music with you?

Me: Uh, sure. *rolls down window further and turns it up*

Him: *gesturing wildly* I am 941

Me: Oh, nope. I’m married. Not trying to get those digits.

Him: Oh! No, no. This is you?

Me: What?

*longest fucking red light ever*

Him: This song. It is you?

Me:*laughing hysterically* NO! This is not me. The band is called K7.

Him: K7?


Him: Ok. Thank you. You have a wonderful day!

Me: You too!

These are the days of my life. I am a magnet for just strange things. Keeps life interesting though, I suppose.

Well, I guess I’m gonna wrap up here. I’m up to get my boobs smashed. See ya!


For sure I’ve used this video before, but when it fits, it fits.

But holy shit, y’all. It’s already February. One twelfth of the year is gone, just like that. See, if you were doing New Year’s Resolutions, you might be stressed out about that thought. BUT, if you’re doing New Day Resolutions, that fraction don’t mean a damn thing.

As you may recall from my last post of a month ago (insert eye roll here), I have five NDRs. Through January, I did some, I didn’t do some. But I don’t have a true recollection of how much of any one thing I did with the exception of anything that got captured on the ‘Gram.

Because I like charts and graphs and coloring and because it might also help make the NDRs into habit, I printed a, wait for it, habit tracker. It’s perfect because it only has space for five things and five is all I’m good for. By no means am I using it to cause stress on myself or try to guilt myself into doing things. Am I going to enjoy coloring in the rectangles? Sure! Am I gonna be overly concerned if I miss one? Nope!

At least if I’m tracking what I’ve done, perhaps on March 1 I’ll then be able to look back at today and see improvements and I’ll be able to correlate that progression with time spent and effort exerted. The nerd level is pretty high but that’s just how I function.

Also how I function…my brain all over the place. Why, when I have gotten absolutely nowhere on the first three books in my head is there now a fourth idea swimming around in there?!?! I gotta stop manifesting ideas and start manifesting more fingers on keys.

Perhaps that’s how I’ll accomplish my daily writing goals. It doesn’t need to be a blog post every day. Let’s face it. We’re in a pandemic. There simply isn’t that much interesting going on in my life…or anyone else’s for the most part. So I’ll pick a random number out of the sky (or it won’t be random) and say, “Self, sit down and write 500 words in one of those four books.” And Self will do it. Part of my writing struggle is continuing to tell myself that I have to write a book from start to finish. Duh. It’s my book. I can write it however I want. Go ahead and write those parts that keep popping up in your head and save them. Then weave them together and quit fucking around!

Sometimes, you gotta give your damn self a pep talk.

Honestly, I don’t know why I never thought of writing in chunks before. What is wrong with me?!?! Well, it’s out there now so I can move forward.

Hey now! I’m done writing for today and I’ve hit 3 of my 5 NDRs. Considering that one of them (stretching) isn’t on the calendar until 8pm, I’m having a damn fine day. See ya soon.