Where’d The Weekend Go?

Ok, first, just let me say that I wanted to use the Nina Simone version of the video, but it refused to be embedded, so I had to go with Mikey Bubbles. Now, where did the weekend go?

Luckily, the first week of my job wasn’t stressful at all and I honestly don’t really see it ever getting to that point. But it still felt really good to have Friday actually mean something (although not as good to have Sunday night mean something). I do believe we are about to establish a new Friday night routine of drinks and live music which makes me extremely happy. Music more than drinks, by the way. Just no more gator bites because OMG the grease and my stomach just were not getting along. That salted caramel pretzel brownie and I, however, are a different story. We started off strong, but it proved to be too rich for me in the end. *sigh* I guess just give me a veggie tray and let me live my best life.

Do you know how to ruin a perfectly good Saturday? I do. It’s called having to clean your house. Truly, between us, it only takes a little over an hour to clean all 1600 sq. ft. of it, but dang, man, it still sucks. And I just can’t see paying someone to come here and do it. I’m weird like that I suppose. Besides, those are the times to knock the dust off the sound system and hear it all around. You just never know what you’re gonna hear blasting out of our house. Could be DMX, could be mariachis, could be Queen or Metallica or Keith Sweat. You’d just never be able to work out who lives here just by listening to music outside our house. We’re diverse.

Lots of talk about how it was the coup de grace, the big one, woo hoo of sports yesterday with the four major (US) sports having games as well as Tiger golfing in Japan and soccer too. But you know what there wasn’t? Steeler football. And that made the whole day a little more boring for me. My fantasy football team is in the crapper yet again this week because I can’t seem to pick the right players to leave on the bench. Jacoby ain’t do shit but Gardner had himself a day…on my bench. At least two other players did the same and I’m gonna get blown out again this week. It is not my football year. Fortunately, I’m doing better in the basketball season – mainly because it just started so I haven’t had time to stink up the place just yet. Yeah, baseball, basketball, and football. I haven’t ventured into hockey, but that’s because I don’t know anyone doing a league (or if there is one). All that aside, tonight we ride as the house is divided, Miami vs Pittsburgh. They won the college battle, so we’d better win the pro battle. After dance tonight, it’s on!

Well, kids, it is Monday and duty calls. I wish you a great week ahead. Friday starts the new month and time to write a book. Ack! Again, I probably need an outline. Here we go!!

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