Happy Independence Day

The day in bulletpoints:

  • T-25 lower focus – I am creating an awesome ass.
  • Yoga – A bird pooped on someone else’s mat.
  • Fourth of July parade – It starts and ends in front of our house as we live across from the community pool. A fire truck leads all the kids and adults on bicycles around the block. Then there’s hot dogs, the pool, and the firefighters hosing down whomever wants it.
  • Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain – The weather was crazy today.
  • Pirates win! – Raise the Jolly Roger
  • Listening to/watching from afar when this neighborhood tries to blow off some fingers or something.

Said it before and I’ll say it again: If it ain’t being simulcast on ‘DVE and put up by the Zambellis, it just ain’t fireworks.

Say What?