Grind Grind Grind

Here we are, bright eyed and bushy tailed on another lovely Monday morning. As I said to Lovey this morning, only about 260 more Mondays before the 5 year plan is in effect. In the meantime, we’ll just keep on trucking, one week at a time. And we’ve got a fun one ahead (and when I say we, I mostly mean me). Of course, there are the regular T-25 mornings and the Monday/Wednesday/Friday yoga and the Tuesday/Thursday stretching, but we’re adding on a Monday pole class, Tuesday Zumba, Wednesday shooting range, Thursday chiropractor, and a weekend in Crested Butte.

Crested, where my love of all things Colorado began. It’s where I first tried snowboarding…and got a concussion (although not my first one). It’s where I gained a little self-confidence. It’s where I met famous people. It’s where I felt at home and had a damn good time. So much good food and too many great drinks. And a great note for being late to work due to a pot pie explosion. Let the good times roll.

Back to the present, back to reality. Back to the realization that my body wants to work out daily or make me pay hardcore on Monday for not exercising over the weekend. Mind you, I wasn’t a total slug. I did do some pretty intense stretching on Sunday as we sat out in the sun. Nothing warms up your muscles (to the point that I was sweating) like some good old, natural sunlight. If you’ve been following soccer at all, you’ve maybe seen the sniper video. I have moments wherein that is exactly how I feel. There’s one spot in my left leg under my glutes that, at times, feels like someone shot me, or at least stung me really good with a large rubber band. Sniper! Yeah, I keep stretching it. Gently though. Most of the time.

One of my big realizations is that by the time the weekend rolls around, I’m so beat down from work and working out, that I never want to do anything productive. I have a list just under a mile long of things that I want/need to do – clean the house, at least write an outline, study SQL, stretch more, exercise – and pretty much none of it gets done. I’ve really gotta work out how to not just go into a weekend coma starting Friday at 6pm.

In other news, the waiting is down to about 2 days to see if I’ll be performing (not competing because, realistically, I’m not at the talent level of some others) in the Colorado Pole Championship. I still am wavering between ‘why in the world did I submit and put myself in this position, please don’t let me get in’ and ‘I really hope I get in’. In the case that it’s the latter and not the former, I’m still stretching like a maniac. I may need to up my strength training, but that can wait until next week when I know for sure. I don’t want to unnecessarily bulk up because that’s what happens. There’s no being tone and getting strong. My body only understands building more muscle to get strong and hulking out of my clothes. HULK SMASH!

Since I’ve just under a million things to take care of today, and yes, I exaggerate; I’m off to take care of business. Hasta la pasta folks!

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