Titillating Tuesday

Well, hello there! Welcome to another installment of I don’t know what day it is.

It seems nearly impossible that today is only Tuesday, yet the morning workout, Zumba day, and two new shows to watch on the DVR say otherwise. No real reason to rush to the weekend. I’m on-call and I know that there’s work to be done over the weekend. I’m just hoping that nothing happens during the time that I’m snowboarding. Ha!

So I’ll tell ya that I was a little down on Sunday after the photo shoot. As strong as a front as I present, I’m still an insecure kid inside sometimes, and always in front of a camera. That’s why there are so few photos of me floating around. I would always duck out of pictures because I just despise how I looked in them. I was also pretty much an ugly duckling until I was around 26 or so. Even now in swan status, the duckling mentality wants to rear its ugly head, and like a dummy, I let it. Of course, I want to see in pictures what I see in the mirror, but that just doesn’t really ever happen. I think it’s because I only have beauty mirrors and cameras only have reality lenses, but you know…

At any rate, I’m starting to see a few of the photos from the shoot and they aren’t as bad as I imagined they would be. Pictures where I’m laughing are usually the best, but pictures of the headshot variety are usually not as good. I am way too uptight to have somebody up in my face thinking I should smile. (See why I’m not a model?!?!) Damn you, stress! You make me take terrible pictures! (If you’re reading this, we’re probably Facebook friends and you’ve seen the pictures. If not, you’ll have to leave a comment and let me know and I’ll share.)

Through all of that, I did at least learn about relaxing hands/fingers/toes and how a slightly bent elbow is much nicer than a scarecrow stick-straight arm and elbow. I still need to learn and understand different facial expressions and which ones work best on my mug, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And even if this past weekend is as far as it goes, I will still consider it a “modeling at 40” success. 😀

In other news, I’ve managed to spin, crawl, and slink my way through an intro level as well as 1 and 2 in my pole class. Obviously, next up is 3 and then I can do the intro to 4-6 which should be much easier than intro through 3 since I see 4-6 all the time. 4-6 also start to bring the tricks and bring the pain. I’ve seen things that I know I cannot currently do so I’m looking forward to trying them. Little by little, prepping for this September thing.

Before I end this for the day, allow me to be vague. Changes are afoot. I don’t know what initiated them but I believe it’s an outside force. To this point, the changes have been wonderful so I’m very far away from complaining. Curiosity is really getting me though…just like that one itchy spot you just can’t reach. I am not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth though and I’m just rolling with it for as long as it lasts.

For the last few days, I have really been ending my posts kind of abruptly so I’m working to fix that as well. In closing, I hope your Tuesday was titillating. Mine continues to be just that. See you on the morrow, kids.

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