The Hump Day Dance Is Your Chance

Ah, hump day. Also known as the day I walk like I have a hump in my back. Why? Because yesterday was plyo and then Zumba on top of that. So I don’t know if you’ve gone to Zumba or if your Zumba classes are like this one, but there are tons of squats and lunges along with jumping and grinding. So it’s like sexy P90X – pe noventa equis de sexo.

I got the side eye from the instructor because I missed the last two weeks. I think moreso because I missed the last two weeks after making a song request and then him having the song in there, lol. Good times. Man, he made the new song hard. It involves even more jumping. So I was all spring-loaded (ha, right Tony?) and so I was wide-leg-jump-squatting pretty high. The woman in front of me could see me in the mirror and was attempting to mimic the moves I was making. This was not a good idea for her. Damn near kilt herself. (that’s not a typo) I had to stop looking both in the mirror and straight ahead because she was really throwing me off. But hey, more power to ya for getting in there and burning some calories.

Well, we’re nearly at the point where one quarter of the year is behind us. Can you even believe that?!?! Perhaps now is a good time to review this year’s goals and see where we are.

·        Zero zero-word days on the blog – I have two. Zero was probably overzealous. I do have a life…sometimes.

·        P90X3 – Meh. I didn’t love it. I did it for a few weeks before kinda bouncing around with my workouts. I can say, however, that I’m back on the original P90X for 3 weeks and I’ll finish that through the three months.

·        More stretching – Check. I am keeping up with that AND making progress.

·        Get good at something – I still don’t know what that something will be. Possibly marksmanship since I really enjoy shooting.

·        Work on something professionally – So far this is a fail. I haven’t yet started looking at my Sharepoint stuff although I did start looking at PHP stuff. But, I also got a promotion which limits my time a heck of a lot so maybe it’s not a total fail.

·        Read more – Ouch. I’m not doing well with this one. I think I wanted to read at least 40 books this year and I am waaaaay behind schedule.

Ok, overall, I’m not doing badly. I swear, that no matter what, if I get those damned splits on at least one side before the end of the year, I’m calling the whole year a win.

Why am I so intent on these splits? Part of it is just to say I can since I’ve never been able to and I like to push the limits. Part is also that I might just participate in a competition later this year and flexy might be what boosts me from second to last place into third from last, lol. But you know, participant not competitor and I’m not gonna go out of my mind about the concept and it’s just going to be something I’m crossing off of my bucket list.

Well, I’m a mere 75 or so minutes away from relaxing for a few days. Posts through the weekend will likely be slim in the content section. See ya!

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