Football and Margaritas

Sounds a lot more interesting that it is, I swear. I’m watching football and drinking a margarita. They’re killer. *sips margarita*

Today, I went on over to the FabPole workshop. It was pretty sweet. And on my “get good at something this year” bullet point on my list, this seems like a good choice. Probably equally as good as dance trap, but a little, I don’t know, edgier? At any rate, it lets be be dance-y and pole-y and fabric-y and happ-y. Makes it a good enough choice for me.

OMG, I am finding it very difficult to focus on writing today. I guess I should expect this to happen, but as long as I get some words on “paper”, I’m still doing something. Today’s writing prompt is kind of a bust for me as it deals with favorite quotes. I guess if at any time I’ve had a favorite quote, it was some years back and it was “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Why? I don’t know. It certainly isn’t something that applies to me or the way I run my life since I’ve been known to just go balls to the wall. Probably I just thought it sounded cool. I’ve been a bit of a strange one from day one, or so I’m told.

I’m not gonna force this. I have margarita mind. See you tomorrow.

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