Starting Over….Again

When the blog has been on hiatus for this long, it’s due to one of two things: 1) I’m lazy. 2) I’m crazy…busy. Sometimes, a combination of the two. Number tow, yeah, that’s the current status.

Today is my first day of the new job. I’ll be doing some programming for the City. Finally, I’ll be putting my degree to use. I’m hoping (expecting, really) to be challenged on a daily basis and I’m hoping to learn what we country folk like to call a shit-ton. I’m nervous and excited, but I’m sure that’s to be expected.  There won’t be much to report about today, though, as it’s all orientation, all day. I think today might be a little painful.

Speaking of painful, hello, hip. You know, most days, I just have a mild dislike for you. Today, of all days, I hate you. You woke me up from sleep again. I will give you credit for not being that “OMG someone just stabbed me” pain. Instead, you were just that dull, deep ache that won’t go away no matter what position I lay in. That’s ok. You think you’re tough? Yeah, meet a few extra-strength Tylenol with my oatmeal.

Perhaps, just perhaps, hip, you hurt because of yesterday’s choreography. I didn’t make it difficult, but you did. You won’t hold me back though. I’m getting much better at choreography on the fly. I can’t be far from actually being able to freestyle, lol.

Let the games begin!

Say What?