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Have you ever had a gas bubble that made you so uncomfortable that you just wanted to be punched in the gut? Lord knows I have! That’s why I created the Gut Buster!

For those times when everyone around you either loves you too much or just doesn’t hate you enough to punch you in the gut, now there’s the Gut Buster.

Imagine Rock-em-sock-em Robots, but life sized ready to punch you in the gut! With spring-loaded arms to punch you in the gut, that gas bubble doesn’t stand a chance. The Gut Buster has five different punch settings so whether you think it’s a squeaker or a mushroom cloud, the Gut Buster has got you covered.

Order within the next ten minutes, and we’ll send you one Gut Buster free! Nothing says I love you like a Gut Buster!

The Gut Buster can be yours today for just $19.95, that’s right, $19.95!!


Legal disclaimer: Gut Buster and its creators, manufacturers and distributors will not be held liable for any internal damage cause by the Gut Buster. Use this product at your own risk. Gut Buster may not work for everyone. Gut Buster may not work for anyone.

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