Unintentional racism…

I don't know why I thought about this yesterday.

Probably because I was singing.  I don't sing.  Well.  I know it and therefore I don't torture people with it.  There are a couple songs out there that I can hold my own on.  One of them is "Contagioius" by my buddy Garen/Granian/Kill The Alarm.

So anywho, back when I was working in Mexico, I was walking from my room over to the bar in what I thought was solitude.  I'm belting this one out like there's no tomorrow.

Sidebar: First time I met Garen, a bunch of us were sitting around a room, drinking some beers and he was playing his geet-tar.  It's all well and good and I wasn't paying attention and I was singing along to whatever he was playing.  All of a sudden, he just stopped playing and received some questioning looks.  He said he wanted to hear me sing.  Um, how bouts no?

Right, so turns out I wasn't alone and some of my co-workers had snuck up behind me.  The conversation went like this:

Mexican Co-Worker 1: Hey Sunshine, I didn't know you could sing.

Me: I can't.

MCW1: Sure you can, I just heard you.

Mexican Co-Worker 2 to MCW1: Todos los chocolates pueden cantar.*

Me: Uggghhnnnmm.  Bye guys.

Only because I hold these two people close did I not kill them.  And more because I know that they didn't mean anything by it.  Honestly, I don't think they know what racism is, but I can look back at it and laugh.  But really, we can't all sing.

*Translation: All the chocolates can sing.

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