This day in history…

  • 1961 – Six Flags opens their first park ever.  How awesome is that?!?!  I love roller coasters and amusement parks.
  • 1774 – Jason Priestly discovers oxygen.  I joke.  It was his great-great-great grandfather Joseph Priestley.
  • 1941 – The Jeep is born!  Beep, beep, who's got the keys to my Jeep?  Vroooom!
  • 1972 – Dubyah gets suspended from the Air National Guard.  Sure he just missed a medical exam, but it's fun to point out his flaws.
  • 1970 – Jesse Burkes, Jr. weds Stephanie Madison in a beautiful ceremony 70's style.  This one's the most important this day in history. :-)  Would have been 38 years today.  Kinda nutty.  MommaShyner got married at 20!  DaddyShyner was a great big 25.  Weren't they rocking their gear? Bwahaha, just noticed that their cake toppers are white.  Funny, I knew I wanted an outside wedding (even though theirs was technically in the church) long before I saw these pictures.  I'm such a rebel.  No gown, no veil, probably no white.

Happy Anniversary (in spirit), Mom and Dad!



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15 thoughts on “This day in history…

  1. I LOVE looking at other people's old family pics! what a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Oh I see dad's rocking the pink/salmon/red? ruffled tux shirt! Stylin! My parents don't even have a wedding photo. 🙁
    pretty cake too, it's so talllll. they probably only had white cake toppers back then. :-$

  2. Thank you. 🙂
    I seem to recall it being a salmon color because I remember seeing it in the house one day or another. No photo? Oh noes!
    Love that cake. In my tradition of going non-traditional, I'm shooting for baked alaska for ours (in Florida..ha!). I'm sure they only had white ones then. 1970 in Pennsylvania where the rednecks reside? Yeah, only white ones. 🙂

  3. You're from Pennsyltucky too? (or at least your parents?) I live just outside Philly and my dad is from the city but my mom is from up in the coal cracking region (near The Office, Scranton area). I don't think I knew that about you or else I just plum forgot.

  4. Oh, I'm from Pennsyltucky for realz! I was born and raised in the southwest corner. Not quite Ohio and too close too West Virginia. But I'll claim Pittsburgh for life!
    I probably haven't mentioned the exact location very often.

  5. Oh and my parents just had a small wedding (I don't *think* it was a shotgun wedding!) like 10 people or something but still, not ONE photo? My mom kept her dress though, it was a 2 piece lacy knee length thing, it was pretty. I bet she looked cute.

  6. From the photos (the other ones), I don't think the wedding was huge. I'm guessing there were maybe 30 or so people there but they were mostly family and stuff. I wonder if I could Photoshop some color back into those bad boys.
    Awesome though, that your mom kept her dress. I'm all for bucking the trends of traditional stuff. I thought that my mom still had hers but I'm not sure any more. Thanks for bringing that up. I'll have to ask her. Maybe she'll be able to incorporate a piece of it into my toga. 🙂

  7. oh that would be so cool!
    I think my mom chucked the dress a few years ago or last year when she moved, it had deteriorated.
    I'm all for bucking tradition as well, so rock on with all that!! I do love seeing the old traditional wedding pics though, esp. from the 70s and even 80s (CRINGE CITY!!!)

  8. I know that the wedding was in BV over on Henry street so I can only guess that the reception wasn't far away. I'd say it was at our house but the trees don't look exactly right. 🙂

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